T-Mobile 7.2Mbps HSPA Hath Cometh?!?


UPDATE: Its almost 3am and I’m up for some reason but I just wanted to clarify that we have yet to verify any upgrades actually took place in the last few days. Please take the following as a major rumor as we didn’t want to miss this happening, but there is currently little evidence to support it. —–David

Reports are coming in of T-Mobile subscribers experiencing 7.2Mbps 3G speeds. The guys over an AndroidandMe have recieved reports of 7.2Mbps 3G roll out and have so far confirmed in 2 cities, Chicago, IL and New York, New York. With 3G speeds ranging from 3mbps to 5mbps this will more than definitely make up for the nationwide outage yesterday. Could this be the reason for the outage on Tuesday? Users are reporting that a simple reboot will enable the lightening fast 3G speeds. Hit the jump for pics of speedtest results taken by users. Are you experiencing increased 3G speeds? Feel free to let us know in the comments!




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  • deangelo724

    this is great….but what about cities like mine(cincinnati, ohio) that still don’t have 3g period? anyone have any information on this?

  • AJ

    I’ll confirm Salt Lake City. I’m consistently pulling 3 to 5 Mbps.

  • http://paid2game.info Joseph

    how would i test this on my G1 tosee if its out over here?

  • julioG

    Shit pullng about 4. Here in Portland Oregon.

  • Griemar

    Please look at the NY speed test, that report is FALSE. It was taken from ~1250 miles away. A latency of only 122ms? That’s just too impressive for me to believe.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i’m in SW Seattle and i can only DL @ 120kB/sec on 3G.. wtf? i want those speeds

    • somephonejerk

      Lame, considering T-Mobile US is headquartered in Bellevue, about 10 miles from Seattle….lame.

  • jkspike3


  • The Observer

    *reboots phone and test this out*

  • Orlando

    Still no 7.2 in Dallas.

  • Galen20K

    Noticing Faster speeds in Michigan also, this is Exciting!

  • Kickstar13

    I’m getting 4.5mbps compared to my old 2.2mbps! Woho go T-Mobile!

  • http://paid2game.info Joseph

    ok so in Colorado i went to mobilespeedtest and its showing 4000Kbps so im assuming thats a speed boost

  • Eddie

    In New York…no speed difference yet. Not even hitting 1 MB/s. Best tonight was 852 kb/s.

  • Greven

    New York, NY 10463 full 3G connection on a G1 running Xtremelabs Speedtest: 1541Kbits/sec max after three full reboot/retests. If it’s upgraded in NYC, they must have missed me cuz I don’t have it.

  • WIlliam

    The suburbs of Columbus, Ohio are still on the EDGE network. If they cranked up the speeds here, its not showing.

  • dskelto

    Getting 2985.075 kbps on mobilespeedtest.com (1 mb test) in Bothell WA. north of Seattle

  • undertmocover

    I am calling bs on some of the speedtests. I am in an edge only market and I just tried mobilespeedtest.com and got a result of over 3mbps which is not even possible with edge. However, anybody wanting a good speed test need only to download lukluk (the movie app.) From the android market and try to stream a movie… the speed test at the beginning is pretty accurate. I do hope that the 7.2 mbps has rolled out to 3g markets, the upgrade really could have caused the outage as it is really a software upgrade that brings the speed.

  • phoneking13


    You can blame Northern Kentucky for the lack of 3G launching here in Cincy. Apparently, the Greater Cincinnati Airport, and the Northern Kentucky Water district, uses the same frequency as T-Mobile’s 3G network. There is a hint of a Dec. launch but hopefully sooner.

    Hope this helps.

  • http://rusinet.com Nicklera

    Spanaway Wa went from 800kbps to 250kbps WTF

  • Greven

    O.o and yet mobilespeedtest is giving me everything from 484 Kbit/sec to 8000 Kbps… I’m gonna go ahead and call unreliable on that one.

  • RCtennis3811

    Don’t use the mobilespeedtest website. It’s unreliable for all carriers.

    Use one of the speedtest apps from the Android Market — they actually give accurate numbers!

  • http://paid2game.info Joseph

    ok tried testmy.net and got 3 megabit, but only have 1 bar reception

  • ….?….

    wish i had 3G….. :(

  • Bteague13

    Not noticing anything faster here in Atlanta.

  • hoop

    so chattanooga, tn has normally been at about 600 kbs with 3g but now im rocking a sweet 1.5 mbs confirmed on 3 different speed test sites (mobile speed test however said 3.5 mbs once so im calling that a fluke)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SoTacMatt

    I’ve tested multiple times from Tacoma. Only averaging normal 3G speeds following two reboots. 1.00 Mb/s download, 0.34 Mb/s upload via speedtest.net.

  • dskelto

    I have run xtremelabs in Bothell and have 1083.6 kbits down/ 162.0 kbits down. Much different than the mobilespeedtest.com results.

  • rob

    I can confirm orlando fl, did mobile speed test and xtreme labs app on the g1 speeds ranging from 2mb to 3.8 :))))

  • Sector43

    well thats good for people in 3G but not for us who are still in GPRS…………………

  • anthony

    project dark= black out of the system. thats the gimmick and the surprise. hopefully the sholes is the next surprise.

  • Scale

    getting between 4200 to 5100 kbps…upgrade or not but surely is much faster today than yesterday…sweet! GO T-MOBILE!

  • http://www.dastardlyreport.com ryaninc

    No change here in Orlando. Just rebooted and ran a test, got the same numbers as always: 867 down, 134 up.

    Got my fingers crossed, though. :-)

  • Bill48105

    Almost everywhere around here is still GPRS, not even EDGE, let alone 3G of any flavor. Heck there are MANY dead zones with no signal at all ever since TMobile & ATT divorced on their roaming agreement for this area which means no calling let alone internet. And customer service has told me no towers in this area for the foreseeable future. BUT the good news is they assured me we could still call 911 on ATT’s towers if needed. ;(

  • http://www.reginaldstinson.com Reginald Stinson

    The highest speed I got here in Nashville is 7.8mbps I was shocked. I knew T-Mobile bought faster spectrum, but I wasn’t really sure when they were going to release it. This is perfect timing. On average I am getting 4-5mbps consistently on 3G.

    Even Edge is 721kbps which is a decent speed. Faster than dial up….LOL

    Way to go T-Mobile. Right now though I am having issues making phone calls over 3G. I will call them to see if they can fix this.

  • lp894

    whats funny….is people HOUNDED me when I kept sayin the reason we were only get 1.2mb/s download speeds is cause T-Mobile hadn’t opened up the network fully to 7.2mbps…now look at this? T-Mobile is upgrading their network to 7.2mb/s?! It can’t be!!! Bottom line is….I was right LOL! Sorry…I just had to rub it in a few faces lol

  • Freddy2Fred

    Just tested my speed. I used 2Mb file and recieved 8465 kbps and 3Mb I recieved 8759 Kbps…

  • Jeremy

    7.2 is coming but not til next year. T-Mobile is in the process of updating the backhaul to fiber so Ethernet can be connected to the 3G sites. eventually they will be going to 21 MBPS

  • J

    It is being rolled out nationally. Some areas have it bput they have to order more circuits before you will notice a big difference. There wont be individual market launch notifications because its being done all at once. This puts us 1 year ahead of all the competion in data speeds. The markets that have delayed 3g launches should have this on launch. They wont be left behind further. This is the first step toward 21mbps but the next step will take a bit more time.

  • Diaztradeinc

    Reporting a speed test from Trenton, NJ. We are still at 500kbs on 3G with full bars, how sad.

  • J


    That’s not quite correct. The Ethernet is a different project that will allow 21mbps. 7.2 is mostly here. The nodebs allow 4x T1 capacity and that is what has been turned on. That’s 4x 1.55mbps. The Ethernet project allows a fiber connection to the nodebs and that allows almost unlimited bandwidth.

  • John


    Where in Michigan are you getting this? A2 is topping out at 870/130 via xtreme labs.

  • jakemg

    In Chicago I can confirm 3g speeds between 4 and 6 mbps on my MT3G. 8D I am very happy.

  • Jesse Wilson

    Getting an average of 3200 kbps in Oklahoma City using mobilespeedtest.com. Speedtest app is showing around 400 Kbit/s.

  • Eric

    Outside of Detroit. Corner of Woodward and 13mile. I am not seeing it! Best result I got was 721Kbps on my debranded TM506 average was about 550Kbps, with all 5 bars and the 3G logo.

  • http://www.fugeelama.com Carlos

    Pulling 700Kbps in San Diego on my G1 according to mobilespeedest.com

  • Alex

    I just ran mobilespeedtest.com and got 6700 kbps.
    Gonna try a couple different ones for sure.
    Got 3000 under the 2MB and 3MB tests also.

    I just ran the regular speedtest.net and it’s only 0.6 MB at 1000 miles away.
    So I don’t know.
    The app is also saying the same thing.

    So I’m going to say it’s not working out in Cali any time soon.

  • Diego

    I’m in Atlanta, GA and I just ran a speedtest on my G1 and received 5000kb the first time, 3534.61kb the second time, and 3846.154kbs the third. I guess it is HSPA 7.2!

  • kltye

    Consistently achievable 1.9-2Mbps in downtown Chicago (to be exact, Wabash and Jackson). I usually got about 1Mbit here.


  • mnDave

    In Minneapolis

    1st test (prior to reboot):
    224kbps down, 16kbps up, 291ms dns latency

    2nd test (after reboot):
    1589kbps down, 34kbps up, 297ms dns latency

    No HSPA here…

  • OchoCinco

    WHERE IS CINCINNATI?????????????????