BlackBerry 9700 Reviews Flood In


We’ve been waiting a long time for this 3G ‘Berry and now that its finally only 11 days away (Business customers November 9th), and now its time for the many reviews! These reviews should help individuals that aren’t so sure about the 9700 decide whether or not this will suit their needs. Check out the review links below! And don’t forget to check back as we will be updating this post with new reviews! So without further ado I shall leave you to foam drool.







Phonedog First Impressions & Unboxing


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  • Juan

    OMGGGGGGGG hurry MFin UP!

  • Ariel

    Juan, I know what you mean, I am counting the days!

  • Will

    So how much bigger is this phone then the BB Curve 8320? Anyone know?

    Either way I will be purchasing this :) I had the 8900 and wasn’t impressed really so I kept my 8320 but this trackpad is genius!

  • Nerdlust

    Finally a top device on tmobile! This is RIM’s new flagship device. Hopefully they can finally get the corp. crowd!

  • SEfan

    I’m not yet a Blackberry fan, but this thing looks nice. If the reviews are to be believed, it works great as well. And a 3G Blackberry can’t help but go over well… I do think it’s odd that the Behold 2 is coming in at $249 and yet this mammoth of a biz device is coming at $199, but what do I know…

  • I can’t wait for this phone.

  • Nerdlust

    I have told a bunch of folks they can have the newest best crackberry for $80 per month with unlimited everything!No one can touch that deal.

  • Jwest

    Ive always wanted a Blackberry, yet I was always infatuated with touch screens.

    Now here I am REALLY wanting this phone..Not sure what to do! Keep my G1, wait for what the new year has in store, or get this sexy beast.

  • TrueCoug

    I’m a G1 user, definitely going with this bad boy. Using the G1 made me realize all of the things I don’t really need on the Android platform. I need voice, text, web, sports scores and maybe a game or two. The 9700 looks like it’ll do all that (and more) in a smaller package. Very nice.

    I’ll trade my clunker for that smooth piece of hardware, thank you very much.

  • Jwest

    quick question….hows the GPS on blackberries?

    Its not really touched upon on in the reviews.

  • Drew

    @Jwest: The GPS works just fine on my Javelin with both Google Maps and BB maps!!! I would wager the same goes for this. RIM didn’t take any steps backwards with this device. Not so sure however, that they took a big step forward but I still love this phone. The wife is getting my Javelin just as soon as I get my hands on this…. I’m torn though, between this and the N900. Rumor has it that these will be coming out on the same day… Kri-Kee!!!

  • Kershon

    I read the review on Phonearena. Very good. If it doesn’t make you crave this bb then nothing will. I’m drooling now. Can’t wait to get my paws on this bad boy. Curve 8900 going on ebay real soon.

  • Bran

    I have a sidekick and want to get rid of it ASAP (it still keeps deleting my texts and pics). If the 9700 comes out on Monday for Business customers, do you think I could somehow get them to give it to me, too? How would I do that?

  • Jim

    Any news on price?

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  • huh?

    The 9700 is about the size of the 8320, and will be $199 with 2 year contract

  • BEN