T-Mobile 7.2Mbps HSPA Hath Cometh?!?


UPDATE: Its almost 3am and I’m up for some reason but I just wanted to clarify that we have yet to verify any upgrades actually took place in the last few days. Please take the following as a major rumor as we didn’t want to miss this happening, but there is currently little evidence to support it. —–David

Reports are coming in of T-Mobile subscribers experiencing 7.2Mbps 3G speeds. The guys over an AndroidandMe have recieved reports of 7.2Mbps 3G roll out and have so far confirmed in 2 cities, Chicago, IL and New York, New York. With 3G speeds ranging from 3mbps to 5mbps this will more than definitely make up for the nationwide outage yesterday. Could this be the reason for the outage on Tuesday? Users are reporting that a simple reboot will enable the lightening fast 3G speeds. Hit the jump for pics of speedtest results taken by users. Are you experiencing increased 3G speeds? Feel free to let us know in the comments!




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  • whodatfever

    Getting usual 400-600kbps in New Orleans (usual since September anyway-Thank you TMobile ;)

  • Jeremy

    Quoting: Jeremy

    That’s not quite correct. The Ethernet is a different project that will allow 21mbps. 7.2 is mostly here. The nodebs allow 4x T1 capacity and that is what has been turned on. That’s 4x 1.55mbps. The Ethernet project allows a fiber connection to the nodebs and that allows almost unlimited bandwidth

    That is true 7.2 is being activated in the node-B’s, but markets are not going to order extra T1’s for the speed because of the Ethernet Project. T1’s are being order for capacity reasons due to the increase of 3G handsets in the market place. The Market I work in is only using 2 T1’s per node B.

  • Patrick

    mobilespeedtest.net isn’t accurate. it will cache data so you’ll get false reads. Tether your PC and use speedtest.net or use the xtreme labs speed test app on the g1 or mt3g

  • joe

    Reporting in from NYC over hear (Manhattan – neat penn/MSG) – stuck at 1.5Mbps at best tethered using speakeasy.

    Ranges from 500kbps to ~1.5mbps. This is after a reboot, on a G1. Definitely disappointing, but then again, I wasn’t effected by the ‘service’ issues either :)

  • mrnova

    In Chicago, only getting 1.87 Mb/s. If they upgraded, then it must be certain phones or in a small area of chicago.

  • zingbat

    Yeah, I’m in Chicago Northwest suburbs. No change here. Still only getting about 1-1.5 mbps. I have a Dash3g , so not sure if it supports HSPA at that speed.

    Tried it on the wife’s MyTouch. Same results 1.0-1.5 mpbps.

    As mrnova said – it is possible that the change is only for small area of chicago?

  • Bryan

    I’m in chicago too last nite I got about 1400 kbits While using the speed test app today I’m. Getting a 600 700 kbits. I think its only in certain parts of chicago

  • A.R.E.

    Well I’m here in South Florida and keep pulling 3500-4000kbits running the 2MB test from mobilespeedtest.com So that must mean something good is up and running in my area.

  • justin

    Yup, NYC definitely has this. Just got a confirmed 4.8Mb/s download test when run three times.

  • John

    Ok back again and at 5:00 pm in Michigan I’m getting the following two sets of results.

    Xtreme Labs
    835kb/s up & 142kb/s dn

    Mobile Speed Test
    3MB file @ 5,172 kb/s

    So which one is the truth?

  • FILA

    I bet that is the reason for the outage on Tuesday

  • FILA

    oh yea…

    G1v2 coming soon…Forgot to say that!

  • Andy, Inc.

    I love T-Mobile and all but their 3G coverage area does look pretty small :( especially when you see Verizon’s commercials for their 3G network. I have 3G in the area where I live and where I mostly travel to so I won’t be switching but it does make T-Mobile seem like its number 4 for a reason =[

  • eli_the_great89

    I’m not experiencing the goodness everyone is experiencing.
    My 3G speeds are the same as alwayss. And I have a G1, correct me if I’m wrong but, the G1 is supposedly capable of 7.2 mpbs downlink.

    BTW I’m also in NYC which is saod to be lit with HSPA 7.2

    Also if they’re releasing HSPA 7.2 are they really going to light up HSPA + (21 Mbps) by this year too?
    Maybe I read older posts wrong but…I highly doubt they’re gooing to deliver such expensive technologies within such a short period of time…especially considering their late entry in the 3G world.

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  • Mark

    I’m in a 3G city. I just ran a speed test that is normal for me all over the city. 128 kbits/sec…yeah….pretty much edge speed but it says it has a 3G connection. T-mo has got so much smoke and so many mirror. Get regular 3G to work at regular speed first. You don’t even compete with the big 3 on 3G speed now….it’s EDGE speed and you are calling it 3G!… On a good day, I’ll get 250kbits/sec…yeah…that is BITS not Bytes.

  • peter rakun

    i’m in the south end of the Chicago loop and i just ran 5 speed tests from http://www.speakeasy.net, which i normally use to determine my ul/dl speed. I averaged just under 600mbps download. I was tethering with a dash 3g, which theoretically is capable of receiving a 7.2 download speed. is it only certain locations in chicago that are upgraded? I would think the loop would be one of them.

  • JW

    Getting 790 or so in Thousand Oaks, Ca (border on Los Angeles and Ventura counties).

  • http://playstationunlimited.com Tristan Charles

    Whoa, I have been noticing faster speeds from Hartford, CT, especially streaming on HD on youtube. I’m running a Nexus One on Android 2.2.

    3.72 Mb/s Download
    1.15 Mb/S Upload

    Ping 143ms

  • http://easytechvideos.com corey lewisq

    still getting 204 KBps down in salem OR even with my brand spanking new G2 :)
    the reception icon says “H” so i was ‘hoping’ for better speeds. guess i’ll just have to wait for it to roll out here.