T-mobile Inventory Reveals All!


So what is revealed by the above image exactly? Android fans may take notice of the HTC T-mobile “Mytouch,” which isn’t the first time we have seen this name come under suspicision of being the HTC Magic. While we still can’t pinpoint an official release date, the name decision and inclusion into T-mobile inventory gets us one step closer to launch.  Most important though, a Merlot Mytouch? That’s going to be one hell of a color choice! Touchpro2 fans take notice that the above shot features the Touchpro2 name without any attempt to shake up what it will be, just the Touchpro2. So really nothing else to report other than the fact that once a device is in inventory, we expect the countdown begins to stocked shore shelves.

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  • Luckie

    Well all that dosen’t matter much of what they called the new G-phone. If you the Ask me what would I call it.. I call It GT2: Meaning “Google-Touch2” that will give it more character, according what I”ve read the “Mytouch” is a realy good phone I am out of Contract wit T-Mobile now but when the “GT2″comes out I will renew again.

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    mm.. really like it :)