Data Plan Changes Cometh!


So here we go again, changes to the data plan catalogue for T-mobile are afoot. Seems like the words data plan and changes are coming up all to often lately and this time, while it isn’t awful, it isn’t that groundbreaking either. Interpreting from the image above, apparently the lower priced option currently offering a small messaging add on is being dropped in lieu of unlimited data only. At the higher end, the current limit of 100mb is being dropped in favor of both unlimited data and unlimited messaging, not a bad value at 20 dollars considering unlimited messaging alone is $14.99. The same deal can be said for the bottom portion of the image regarding smartphones, the lower priced package drops the messaging add in favor of the familiar and currently offered $35 dollar option for both unlimited web and messaging. Obviously this is a push by T-mobile to raise arpu by showcasing the better value of the unlimited/messaging add on and as shown by the image above, they remain the best value!

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  • maizeNblue

    It dosen’t seem like it would be that hard to fix (but i’m an IT guy). Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that they don’t correct this issue until around September. (Time enough to get TP2 and rebate back).

  • Dude

    I also went through the training yesterday. There are only a few phones that will be affected by the data changes in terms of the forced data plan. For example, the Behold, Memoir, Pearl, and Pearl Flip will NOT be required to have the data plan. There are still plenty of really nice phones that will not have to have data.

    @ Steve — T-Mobile updated their plans a month ago. Why are you paying 89.99 for an 800 min. MyFaves plan? For 89.99 you can get the family MyFaves 1800!

    With a little research, you will find that Sprint is on it’s way out…losing over 1M customers a quarter. 3G networks come at a cost…and lowering your pricing for plans and data just to attract customers will not pay for the network…simple economics. T-Mobile received 10B to improve the network and launch 3G nationwide. We want smart phones and an awesome network and there will be a price for that.

    If you want inexpensive service that is still an option…just means that an all-in-one phone would not be for you. As asked previously, why would anyone want an all-in-one phone without the data…because the phone looks cool?

  • Ron

    @ Dude,

    Some people use a All-in-one phone so that they don’t have to carry two devices i.e. cell phone and a PDA… Everyone dosen’t use an all-in-one for surfing the net or downloading.

  • steve


    Apparently quite a few people use smart phones without data plans otherwise I doubt that Tmobile or any other carrier would take the time to craft a new policy with the requirements! As I’ve said before, I am one of those people. I just believe that it should be my choice what services to subscribe to especially since I’m already paying a premium for a pda/smartphone. (I’ve never seen one on tmobile’s site listed for free unlike flip phones or basic messenging devices)

    Oh well….since this is going to happen no matter what…who knows maybe, tmobile will roll out some new features such as gps, entertainment services or even video calling soon to give their customers even more reason to WANT to subscribe to data instead of just mandating it.

  • dude

    Use a PDA without data then. You have the option to buy the phone outright and avoid the forced data. Done.

  • Pablo

    What exactly does that mean when it says “Phone 1st”?

    I currently have a family plan with 2 phones. One phone already has the T-Zones data plan, but I just tried to add it to my second phone as well, but they are not letting me do it since they are no longer offering T-Zones.

    So if I wanted to get the unlimited data plan for $9.99 for my second phone, would I be able to do it?

  • Kathy

    ^^^ Yes you will, starting on June 3rd like the pic said. ^^^

  • Dude

    @ Pablo – – Which models of phone are you using?

    Phone first would be a phone that was made to be used for straight forward (calls, text) use. In general, think of flip phones, and the simple bar phones. If the phone costs less than $250 before your discounts, you can bet it is a phone-first model.

  • Tmo Employee

    i work for tmobile and just went through some training yesterday on this… after june 3rd any pda or data devices purchased are going to come with a mandatory data plan. meaning you get a g1, you must have the data plan for it for the entire contract you sign. so you sign a 2 year contract you have to pay minimum 24.99 a month for the data plan for 2 years, sucks but it will make it will get less people to buy a data device when they have no clue how to use it and are just using it as phone first anyway!

  • maizeNblue

    @ Dude,

    I didn’t hear anyone say that if you buy the phone outright you don’t get charged for data, everyone is saying if you buy the phone from Tmobile you have to get the data plan. DONE!!!

  • Dude


    100% for sure know that if you buy the phone without a contract (retail price) you will not have forced data. I went through the training last week…all 3 hours of it! :)

    I know I’m not the only one that knows this, probably just an overlooked fact about the change.

    I’m sure TMo employee will also confirm this.

  • timmyjoe42

    I just ordered up the Blackberry Enterprise Package for $30. I didn’t want to wait and have it go up.

  • Bill

    Read the T&C…the fine print, there is NO UNLIMITED DATA! Like Satellite internet there is a FAP…Fair Access Policy; period. Now, if you’re dumb enough to exceed 5 GBs then frankly you deserve to have your hind parts throttled back. What in God’s name did y’all think was going to happen when AT&T no longer is offering true unlimited data? Anybody following Verizon Wireless’ new data plans releasing next week?