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Samsung Vibrant Live On T-Mobile.com

Update: For those of you picking up the Vibrant today, we want to see pictures of your new baby, make it a funny shot and perhaps it’ll get posted to the blog!!! Send pictures to david@tmonews.com The wait is over! Arguably one of the most powerful and fastest Android handsets to date, the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is now available for sale on T-Mobile.com. Boasting a stunning 4 inch Super AMOLED display powered by a … [read full article]

Coverage Maps Being Updated

Starting March 14th, T-Mobile will be making some changes to its coverage map.  While there won’t be any massive, earth-shaking changes going on here (yeah, I’m looking at you, Chile earthquake, that is robbing us of 1.26 microseconds daily), the map will be updated to more accurately reflect voice and data coverage.  First, when you zoom out, you will see the overall coverage.  As you can see, there is a lot of green where people actually live … [read full article]

Check Out The Improved T-mobile.com

I guess I totally missed the completely revamped T-mobile.com this morning while posting the MyTouch3G “Three’s company video.” As it turns out, they have made it, slightly more appealing; of course, everything becomes more appealing when Whoopi Goldberg is attached to it. Just ask the producers of “Eddie.” The “improved” T-mobile.com is now a flash lover’s wet dream. With color changing images and an easier to understand [read full article]