T-Mobile’s Home Internet Address Verification Back on Track

Back in April, T-Mobile planned to rollout its Home Internet address verification in May. But at the last minute, they postponed it to a later date. Unfortunately, the Un-carrier has finally decided on a date when to rollout address verification for Home Internet service. 

Now that the Away plan has already been launched, T-Mobile is getting ready to enforce address verification. This means that customers need to make sure their 5G Home Internet service is being used at the address they signed up with. 

As shared by The Mobile Report, a number of customers were using a different address for their unlimited Home Internet account so they could bypass ineligible locations. The publication shared that some employees were instructed and encourage to “work around the issue” so they could get more signups.  

In an internal document obtained by the publication, T-Mobile will be enforcing address verification tomorrow, June 20th. Customers who receive an alert and wish to continue using their service will need to use their gateway device at the address they used upon signup. They can also register a new address if the previous one is no longer applicable to them. As long as the new address is eligible for unlimited, there should be no problems with it.

If these two options are not suitable, customers will need to switch to another plan that doesn’t need address verification (such as Home Internet Lite or Away); or they can cancel their service.  

If you will be affected by address verification, the best thing to do is call support so you can get assistance. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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