Report: After Price Hike Announcement, T-Mobile Can’t Keep Up With Chat Requests (Update)

Update (May 29, 2024 11:25 AM EST):

A spokesperson for T-Mobile reached out to us to clarify that they did not turn off its Care Virtual chat support channel at any time and has been “running as normal.” The company’s “virtual sales channel that focuses on new customers was off for a short period last week, not related to volume, but is back on as normal.

The report made earlier was based on the comments of users on Reddit. If T-Mobile’s chat support is unavailable on your end, you may reach out to the Un-carrier for support and to report a glitch.

The original story is below:

Last week, T-Mobile earned the ire of its customers who were surprised by the Un-carrier’s price hike announcement. After it failed to disclose specifics about the price hike, the Un-carrier has resorted to disabling its chat option after getting a flock of messages.  

Although T-Mobile already anticipated a backlash by making some of its staff work more hours, it didn’t expect it would reach this extent. As reported by PhoneArena, some Reddit users noticed that T-Mo’s chat option is no longer available on its website. On the app, this also led you to make a call instead of chatting with a representative. 

The Redditor claimed that the chat feature was removed because the staff couldn’t keep up with the requests. There has been an influx of customers who wanted specifics about their plans and whether they would be affected by the recent price hike. 

Hopefully, T-Mobile gets to explain everything properly to its customers. Based on the message we received from T-Mobile, they did not turn off their chat support at any time.

The OP on Reddit also shared that if “you try sending a message, they will call you instead of chatting back” despite the chat feature still on the website.

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We already asked T-Mobile for a statement regarding this Reddit comment. We’ll update this post once we receive a response.

Source: PhoneArena