T-Mobile Does Not Plan to Reveal the Plans Affected by Recent Price Hike

Recently, T-Mobile announced that it would be increasing the prices on some of its plans. This announcement earned the ire of the Un-carrier’s customers. But when asked about the specifics of the affected plans, T-Mobile did not reveal much information. 

In a statement to Android Authority, T-Mobile said:

“We won’t be sharing details about which plans, and we notified included customers yesterday so they are aware.”

It’s probably best to assume that if you didn’t receive a text, you’re probably safe at this point and you’re covered by the Un-carrier’s Price Lock guarantee. So if you didn’t receive a text from T-Mobile, you’re likely going to pay extra in your June bill. 

What we know so far, however, is that T-Mobile plans to raise prices on new customers of its Go5G 55, Go5G Plus 55, and Go5G Next 55 plans. We’ll have to wait for further announcements from the Un-carrier.

Source: Android Authority

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