After Mint Mobile Acquisition, US Cellular is Next for T-Mobile

Shortly after T-Mobile closed its Mint Mobile acquisition, it looks like it still has further plans for the company. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, T-Mo and Verizon are in talks to purchase separate portions of US Cellular.  

According to the report, T-Mo is already nearing the end of its $2 billion deal with US Cellular. Meanwhile, Verizon is on a less advanced stage in its discussions. The potential deals are expected to include US Cellular’s operations and spectrum licenses. But it will not include around 4,000 cell towers, which the MVNO plans to sell separately. 

Android Authority believes this strategy could be an attempt to address potential antitrust concerns. But the consolidation is often harmful for customers. For one thing, it will lessen the competition. This would lead to major carriers feeling less pressure to price their services competitively. 

Hopefully, this can be addressed properly so that the well-being of consumers can continue to be upheld even with the acquisition. 

Source: Android Authority

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