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T-Mobile CEO Sees AI as Way to Help Reduce Churn Rate

In Q1 2023, T-Mobile reported a decline in its churn percentage. Compared to last year’s .93%, the quarter had .89% churn rate, which is something that CEO Mike Sievert is pleased with. After all, T-Mo is the only wireless carrier to have reduced churn rate. Its other rivals reported an increase in churn rate.  This, however, does not mean that T-Mobile will be complacent with its churn rate at this point. As noted by Sievert: “But still, … [read full article]

Metro by T-Mobile is Now the Official Wireless Partner of the LAFC

Metro by T-Mobile has just ventured into the world of soccer. Earlier today, the prepaid brand announced that it has partnered with the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). This partnership makes Metro by T-Mobile the Official Wireless Partner of one premier club of the MLS.  Through this sponsorship, Metro can help kids be part of the game via its player escort program. In every home game, lucky fans will be able to score an upgrade to front … [read full article]

Developer Creates App for T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway Devices

T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has been around since April 2021. Ever since T-Mobile launched the service, it has been widely appreciated by customers who have had trouble getting reliable internet service from ISPs. Despite its success, however, many are unhappy with the firmware used on such gateways.  Unfortunately, these gateway devices don’t give much information about their internet connections. They only provide a look into basic signal strength. T-Mobile’s Home Internet gateway devices cannot be customized.  The … [read full article]

T-Mobile Offers Free Instacart+ to T-Mobile 5G Internet Switchers

With moving season upon us, T-Mobile has released a new promotion that will be perfect for anyone planning to move. Whether you’re moving to a new house or to a new internet provider, you can jump right in on the trend.  For a limited time period, T-Mobile will be giving away free Instacart+ for one year to anyone who switches to T-Mobile 5G Internet. In addition to the free subscription, the offer includes a $100 credit so … [read full article]

T-Mobile Waives Fees for Customers in Guam Due to Mawar’s Destruction


T-Mobile has released an article on how they plan to respond to the current threat in Guam. The US island territory is currently facing one of the strongest storms in over 20 years called Mawar. And because of this, T-Mo is doing its best to give customers a way to stay connected during this ordeal.  In its announcement, T-Mobile revealed that they will be waiving international long-distance and SMS texts to and from Guam for T-Mobile, and … [read full article]

Sprint’s Final Days Has Been Revealed

This is it! It’s the end of an era, at least for the brand, Sprint. Back when T-Mobile announced its plan to acquire Sprint, we’ve religiously covered the entire series of events. And it feels like an eternity ago, with the pandemic and all. But today, a report acquired internal documents revealing the final date for Sprint’s demise. As reported by The Mobile Report, there are three important dates to … [read full article]

2022/2023 T Challenge Winners Announced: Check Out This Year’s Winners Here

T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom have announced the winners of its T Challenge 2023. After six months of competition, the 20 finalists have finally completed the challenge. The finalists were previously announced here. The finalists all presented their solutions to T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom executives in Bonn, Germany. Out of the finalists, six winners were picked for their innovative solutions.  The following are the … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s study reveals what Americans want most while revenge traveling this summer

Earlier today, T-Mobile released data detailing how many Americans are currently revenge traveling. Despite its name, the idea behind revenge travel is that it allows individuals to travel and make up for lost time brought about by the pandemic.  Based on a Harris Poll survey from T-Mobile, 80% of Americans intend to travel as much or even more compared to last summer. The Un-carrier already expects this to be the busiest Memorial Day weekend in years. And … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile has a free line offer for pre-selected grandfathered accounts

T-Mobile customers on existing grandfathered plans are getting some good news.  As shared by The Mobile Report, select customers on such plans may soon be eligible for a 100% free line. This offer is exclusively for currently grandfathered plans like the following: Essentials Simple Choice Magenta ONE  Unfortunately, the offer comes with a caveat. In order to get the free line, you will need to … [read full article]

T-Mobile gives customers a chance to win MLB All-Star Week experience

A few weeks ago, T-Mobile announced that it has brought back its popular T-Mobile Tuesdays reward, free MLB.TV. In preparation for MLB All-Star Week, the Un-carrier is giving away free MLB.TV subscription once again. They are also offering a $200 credit toward any sports streaming service of your choice. This is available to customers who switch to T-Mobile.  As announced by football quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, … [read full article]