T-Mobile partners with Cisco for new Cloud Native Converged Core Gateway


Earlier today, T-Mobile and Cisco announced something that they have launched together. The two launched the largest highly scalable and distributed nationwide converged core gateway in the world. All 5G and 4G traffic has been moved by T-Mobile to the new cloud native core gateway. As a result, performance for customers has improved by 10% in speed and latency. 

On T-Mobile’s end, this move also simplifies its operations as it is now able to shift resources with better agility and roll out services. The launch also helps T-Mobile expedite the time it needs to market new 5G SA and IoT services. 

T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President of Core Network and Services Engineering, Delan Beah, said: 

“T-Mobile customers already have access to the largest, most powerful 5G network in the country, and we’re innovating every day to supercharge their experience even further. This cloud native core gateway takes our network to new heights, allowing us to push 5G forward by delivering next-level performance for consumers and businesses nationwide while setting the stage for new applications enabled by next-gen networks.”

Meanwhile, Cisco Networking Provider Mobility’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Masum Mir, said: 

“Our strategic relationship with T-Mobile is rooted in co-innovation, with a shared vision to establish best practices for 5G and the Internet for the Future. This is the type of network every operator aspires to. It will support the most advanced 5G applications for consumers and businesses today and enables T-Mobile to test and deliver new and emerging 5G and IoT applications with simplicity at scale.”

You can read more about the announcement here

Source: T-Mobile

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