T-Mobile reassures 5G lead amidst C-band progress


A new report has just been released by Opensignal where it talks about how the recent C-band deployments have helped 5G. And as revealed in the report, T-Mobile continues to hold its commanding lead in the 5G space. 

Of course, this is largely because of its decision to start deploying mid-band 5G two years ago. 

Reacting to the report, T-Mobile’s Neville Ray said: 

“Our early bet and two-year lead in mid-band 5G continues to pay off giving T-Mobile customers the fastest 5G speeds in the country,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “Verizon’s 5G speeds STILL underwhelm and is AT&T even trying? Our lead in 5G is why nearly 40% of our customers now have a 5G device and nearly 50% of our traffic is running on our 5G network. This is a race we’ll keep winning for T-Mobile customers as we pour the gas on our 5G build in 2022 and beyond.”


Source: Opensignal

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