Report: T-Mobile delays CDMA shutdown again


Update: 3/30/2022 2:33 pm:

A T-Mobile spokesperson reached out to us regarding this earlier report. According to the spokesperson, they are proceeding with the shutdown on March 31st. But they will be migrating customers in some areas over the next 60 days, which is normal in a network transition process.

T-Mo says the network will be completely turned off by no later than May 31st.

Here is their statement:

“We are proceeding as planned with the orderly shutdown of our CDMA network beginning on March 31. As part of our shutdown process, we are migrating customers in some areas over the following 60 days to ensure they are supported and not left without connectivity, and the network will be completely turned off by no later than May 31. This is a normal network transition process. We look forward to sunsetting this outdated technology so every customer will have access to the best connectivity and best experience in wireless.”


Original article follows:


It looks like T-Mobile has once again delayed the shutdown date of Sprint’s 3G CDMA network. According to a report, the shutdown has been delayed by two months. 

This was first noticed by a Reddit user, who found the information on the SoftBank website. Originally, the network shutdown was scheduled to take place on January 1st. But after complaints from its “partners,” T-Mo moved this to March 31st. With the new change, the network will now be shutdown on May 31st.   

The website says:

“Due to the circumstance of Sprint, the date has been postponed from March 31, 2022 to May 31, 2022. Incidentally, there is a possibility that the date of May 31 will be rescheduled in future.”

Some Sprint customers who are affected by the change have received an email confirming the new shutdown date. 

The report also shares that while the final shutdown date has been moved to May, the network shutdown will actually start in a few days, as scheduled. The shutdown will be done in batches, starting with business customers. 

If you still have a line using CDMA, it should be disabled soon. Any calls done to devices using the network will be rerouted. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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