Here’s what happened at T-Mobile’s 5G Forward event


T-Mobile recently held an event called 5G Forward. During the event, the executives unveiled some of the company’s plans to step up its 5G game. Here is a short summary of what they have lined up their sleeves:

  • T-Mobile DevEdge – T-Mobile will be unleashing a new developer platform that allows any developer to quickly and easily create connected solutions.
  • New T-Mobile Accelerator partners – Deutsche Telekom, Beem, VictoryXR, Mawari, Volucap, and More on that here.
  • Disney StudioLAB – T-Mobile is joining the StudioLAB Innovation Program to develop advanced storytelling capabilities using 5G. 
  • Red Bull – T-Mobile and Red Bull are expanding their partnership by bringing live action sports to the next level using 5G-powered drones and cameras. 

“T-Mobile’s leading 5G network is already having an incredible impact, changing the way people use their smartphones and disrupting industries like home broadband. And it can do so much more,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “But the Carriers have created unnecessary hurdles that stifle 5G developer innovation. Today, we’re here to break down those Carrier Barriers with a series of customer-first moves that make it easy for innovators everywhere to build a future that will benefit everyone.”

You can see a replay of what went on at the 5G Forward event here


Source: T-Mobile

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