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T-Mobile launches first IoT Developer Kit

Earlier today, T-Mobile launched its first IoT Developer Kit through T-Mobile DevEdge. The Un-carrier launched its self-serve developer platform, DevEdge, at the start of the year for developers to use.  By launching the new IoT Developer Kit, T-Mobile allows developers access to its network and makes connected solutions easily.  Through this, innovators have access to an out-of-the-box kit that connects to T-Mo’s network automatically. Developers no longer need to code or build anything from scratch. T-Mo’s kit …

Here’s what happened at T-Mobile’s 5G Forward event

T-Mobile recently held an event called 5G Forward. During the event, the executives unveiled some of the company’s plans to step up its 5G game. Here is a short summary of what they have lined up their sleeves: T-Mobile DevEdge – T-Mobile will be unleashing a new developer platform that allows any developer to quickly and easily create connected solutions. The Tech Experience 5G Hub – T-Mobile’s new … [read full article]