Leaked insider document details Sprint migration timeline


T-Mobile intends to push through with its Sprint migration this year and they are starting to take action. One of the things that T-Mobile will be focusing on under this network shutdown is to migrate Sprint customers to their own billing system. And as revealed by The T-Mo Report, it looks like the full migration process has already started. 

The publication shared an internal slide that comes from T-Mobile’s “Sprint Complete 2022” slideshow. The document talks about the network shutdown and also depicts a timeline on when customers will be transferred to the new billing system. 

One of the things mentioned in the document is its “Automated Migration Readiness,” which shows the number of Sprint accounts that are ready to be migrated to the new system. The timeline shows that these customers will be moved to the new system starting January 2023. There is also a deadline of June 2023 to fully migrate these accounts. 

This month alone, T-Mobile intends to move 500,000 Sprint customers. By July, there will be 4 million customers who will be ready for the transition. This number doubles by January 2023, which is also the date when the actual migration will start. 

The document also confirms the earlier Sprint network shut down dates. Its CDMA network is scheduled to shut down by March, while its LTE network will shut down in June. 

Meanwhile, another report by The T-Mo Report reveals that T-Mobile won’t force Sprint customers to change their plans. As revealed in the document, T-Mobile will migrate all Sprint plans to its systems “with no pricing or plan changes.” This includes the heavily discounted plans like SWAC.

This is because T-Mobile will be “adding all existing Sprint plans to its billing system.”

You can read all about it in this report.


Source: The T-Mo ReportThe T-Mo Report

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