T-Mobile making $700,000 donation to SEC


With its position as an official sponsor of the SEC, T-Mobile wants to do its part in helping the community thrive. At the same time, the Un-carrier knows how important women’s sports is and the effect of youth sports on female athletes. It hopes that one day, female athletes will be able to compete at the SEC. 

One way it shows its support is by making a $50,000 donation to each of the 14 universities of the SEC. As a whole, T-Mobile is making a $700,000 donation to support the advancement of women’s athletic programs.

On Friday, December 3rd, T-Mobile will present a check containing this amount to the SEC. This will be done at the first-ever T-Mobile SEC Championship Concert, which will be held at the Georgia International Plaza outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The event also brings to the stage Chris Young, a GRAMMY-nominated global entertainer, along with special guests like Mitchell Tenpenny and Kameron Marlowe. 

For customers who won’t be able to join the event, T-Mobile will be hosting a livestream broadcast at 7pm EST via Chris Young’s YouTube and Facebook channels

If you want to know more about the donation, visit this page.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Trevnerdio

    By SEC, I assume they mean Southeastern Conference? I guess I’m confused by what the article is trying to say. Can females not currently compete in the SEC? Because Georgia women’s basketball has an unbeaten record right now.

  • trlovejoy

    Don’t assume everyone knows the acronyms you use. Who donates to the Securities and Exchange Commission? A snarky way to say they’ve been fined?

    • This is what I was thinking… I was thinking it was either a fine or a bribe…