T-Mobile’s 5G network achieves new milestone


T-Mobile recently announced it has reached a new milestone with its 5G network. 

Standalone 5G is an area that T-Mobile is leading in. And recently, the Un-Carrier was able to pull off the first 5G standalone (SA) New Radio Dual Connectivity (NR DC) data call under a commercial network. What this means is that T-Mo was able to combine 2.5GHz spectrum (n41) with millimeter wave (n260). And as a result, they were able to boost download speeds to almost 5Gbps. 

With this new feat, T-Mobile proves that they are the leader in 5G in the country. Their 5G network is able to cover 308 million people today. And out of that number, T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G covers 190 million. But this doesn’t end there. T-Mobile is aiming to cover 200 million people before the year ends. 

You can check 5G coverage in your area in this link. 


Source: T-Mobile

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