T-Mobile’s 5G network achieves new milestone


T-Mobile recently announced it has reached a new milestone with its 5G network. 

Standalone 5G is an area that T-Mobile is leading in. And recently, the Un-Carrier was able to pull off the first 5G standalone (SA) New Radio Dual Connectivity (NR DC) data call under a commercial network. What this means is that T-Mo was able to combine 2.5GHz spectrum (n41) with millimeter wave (n260). And as a result, they were able to boost download speeds to almost 5Gbps. 

With this new feat, T-Mobile proves that they are the leader in 5G in the country. Their 5G network is able to cover 308 million people today. And out of that number, T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G covers 190 million. But this doesn’t end there. T-Mobile is aiming to cover 200 million people before the year ends. 

You can check 5G coverage in your area in this link. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hawk

    Now if they could only get their 5G modem to consistently work. Then expand the, what I will call 5G lite, into rural areas.

  • Glenn Gore

    Good news on the technological front, but in practical use, this development will have little effect for quite a while. T-Mobile is not known for having a significant install base of millimeter-wave, and is only now placing some very tiny little dots of mid-band spectrum to use across the country. Dots that reach about a mile or two from the sites, not good for covering large amounts of land area at all. 200 million sounds good, but you can cover 300 million in the US and only cover 5% of the land area, it’s the other 40 million that requires the real work, and T-Mobile simply does not have the site density necessary anywhere to do that.

    • Joe

      To be fair I actually connect to mid band 5G a good bit now that there 5G is no longer a joke and is becoming quite good.

      • Glenn Gore

        I had to drive 75 miles east to be able to try out 5GUC. If I had gone north, I would have had to drive 953 miles to Minot, North Dakota before I would hit a 5GUC-enabled T-Mobile site. Or 400 miles west to somewhere in Colorado. It’s not quite good yet in the middle of the country.

  • NirroT

    No 5g and 4g lte in northern AZ. Nice T-Mobile. Of course nobody would know it if they looked at their coverage map and talk to the rep/tech. Full 4g LTE! Not. Plus side is you can still make calls and send texts! Haha