T-Mobile rolls out new software update to Samsung Galaxy S21 phones


Good news to T-Mobile customers using any of the smartphones under the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. A new software update has just been released. 

With the new update, this is the latest smartphone to sport T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network indicator icon. This also means that the special icon is now working on the device. So when you’re in an area with Ultra Capacity 5G, you can expect the indicator icon to display on your phone. But even without this icon, you can still enjoy T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network on your 5G smartphone. 

“T-Mobile is rolling out its Ultra Capacity 5G network at a furious pace — yesterday announcing it now covers 200 million people nationwide more than six weeks ahead of schedule. Ultra Capacity 5G is T-Mobile’s super-fast 5G with speeds that ONLY T-Mobile can deliver to most Americans today, with 80% of the Un-carrier’s customers now covered. This is on top of T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G, covering 308 million people across 1.7 million square miles. This combination has earned T-Mobile the crown of America’s 5G leader, with the largest, fastest, and most reliable 5G network.”

In addition to the much anticipated 5G icon, the new software update brings support for Android 12. 


Source: T-Mobile

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