T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity network now covers 200 million people


T-Mobile has once again reached a new milestone in its 5G 2021 goals. This time around, the Un-Carrier reveals that its Ultra Capacity 5G network now covers 200 million people around the country. This means that the majority of Americans now have access to their 5G network. 

This achievement meets T-Mobile’s goal, which is to cover 200 million people in the country before the year ends. And they have achieved this weeks ahead of that deadline. The coverage does not include the 308 million people that its Extended Range 5G network covers. Combined, these two make T-Mo the 5G leader of America. 

In addition to today’s announcement, umlaut revealed that T-Mobile’s 5G leads in four more cities in its latest study. According to the study, the four cities where T-Mobile’s 5G network leads are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. These cities are now part of the list with the fastest 5G download and upload speeds. 

“We’re delivering game changing Ultra Capacity 5G to people across the country at an unprecedented pace, putting us in a network leadership position with a two-year head start on the competition. And that gap is only getting wider as we speed up,” said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. “Only T-Mobile is delivering a 5G network capable of truly transforming the smartphone experience – 5G’s first killer app – and that’s just the beginning. With Ultra Capacity 5G nationwide, we’re unleashing innovators across the country to build new 5G applications that will change the world.”

You can read more about the report here


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Fan_Atl77

    We missed it again, we are in the 300 million plus block, hopefully, they keep expanding and expand to improve access to 5G, even though we do Not have 5G phones to access 5G, lol, lol

    • Shaun Michalak

      But that may change sooner then later.. I was up at Walmart looking at the Metro phones they have up there, and the 5G phones they sell start at less then $200, so that makes it so that most people can now be able to get one, even those that refuse to spend $500 because all they use it for it talk and text..

  • Paul Bolton

    I would agree in parts Cincinnati with 5GUC you can get download speeds of 600+ and average 400-500 in these areas however there are still alot of pockets here with just low frequency 5G.

  • Chimphappyhour

    The 5GUC in KC is so finicky. Sometimes I connect to it. Sometimes it’s just reg 5G. Meanwhile other times I only get LTE. That’s all sitting in the same spot.

    • Glenn Gore

      I saw the same thing over the weekend after traveling 100 miles to a place that has 5G UC. I got some great speeds of 600-700 Mbps in the hotel over the weekend, but once in a while the signal would drop back to 45 Mbps 5G. The transmit range from a mid-band site is only 2-3 miles, so that was probably the reason, the closest T-Mobile site was 5 miles outside the city we were visiting.

      An interesting side note, we passed right by a couple of sites that are supposedly upgraded to 5G UC but the indicator never showed up and speeds reflected that as well, so I have my doubts about whether or not some of the tiny spots of mid-band 5G are actually up and running.

      • Chimphappyhour

        No, this is literally sitting in the same exact spot. Day in and day out.

        • Joe

          I think the reason for this is not gaps at Glenn is saying because I have this problem to and all available bads have good signal. It is just that the phone is having a hard time deciding which band to use. It is trying to determine whether it needs high capacity internet or save battery and sometimes it gets stuck or confused as to which bands it should use. They probably need to work closely with Samsung, Apple, qualcomm, etc. To improve the software side of things

  • Glenn Gore

    I am happy that T-Mobile has reached this milestone, but I worry about what will happen in the competition realm when AT&T and Verizon finally are allowed to use their mid-band spectrum. The fact that both those carriers have many multiples of the number of sites that T-Mobile does, and the fact that those sites are actually located IN the cities and towns they serve instead of on the outskirts or out in the country, if AT&T and Verizon activate all of their sites with mid-band, they will immediately leapfrog T-Mobile in total blanket coverage.

    This is a serious problem for T-Mobile, and so far they have not said anything about any plans for increasing their site density and number of sites that will be required to provide any sort of blanket coverage.

  • Mike

    I’m still waiting for them to add coverage between Newport, Washington and Sandpoint, Idaho. The maps show coverage but there is none. There are multiple towers where just ATT or Verizon sit and they are towers owned and operated by companies like Crowne Castle, not the operator…so come on, get your stuff on those towers!