T-Mobile EIPs will be available at Best Buy starting tomorrow


Back in August, T-Mobile revealed that it has started to sell its products and services at select Best Buy stores. A new development, however, is all set for tomorrow, October 6th.

Beginning tomorrow, you can already pick up an EIP (equipment installment plan) at select Best Buy stores. This will allow you to pick up a new device without paying a huge amount upfront. 

And according to a report, Best Buy will continue offering the same deals that the Un-Carrier is offering. You will be able to purchase monthly payment plans and bill credits at Best Buy stores. There will also be some free offers, such as an Apple iPhone 13 Pro (with trade-in) or a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. There is also a $99 Galaxy S20 FE 5G offer with no required trade-ins.

After dominating Best Buy, T-Mo is said to be coming to Walmart in the next few weeks. But an official announcement has not yet been made. 


Source: PhoneArena


  • David

    I have a military plan and it won’t let me
    purchase through best buy. Says account type isn’t supported through best buy. Anyone else have this issue or know a work around? I’m assuming this won’t fix that but hopefully it might.

    • Frederick

      i have a simple choice family plan and i was getting the same message, no one knew what to do, Tmo and BestBuy told me they dont know why. I ended up going to Apple and ordering my 13 Pro Max…

      • David

        Works now this must have fixed it. Just placed my order and it confirmed for 70 bucks after trade in (12 mini to 13 mini)

        • Queen lane

          what exactly has fixed it, because I’m having trouble even getting best buy’s site to recognize my tmo acct. says my number and ssn doesn’t match the carrier. I even tried in store, same problem, I’m assuming it’s a part of the same problem. please help I want my mini like yesterday lol they are all running out of stock

        • David

          That seems to be a different issue than what I was having. Have you verified who the primary account holder is and that the information TMobile has in fact correct?

        • Queen lane

          Yes it’s me lol I’ve had the same number for years and no doubt I know my social ..I just felt like something is wrong with their system recognizing tmobile accounts period but you could be right must be a different issue.. I’ve tried online best buy and even went into two stores .. same issue..unable to pull up my account but tmobile can … something is messed up along the way I’ll just keep trying