T-Mobile Home Internet plan no longer includes fees


Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled its new Big Fee Deal (BFD) offer. Through this offer, customers get to enjoy Home Internet at a discount. 

Specifically, the offer gives customers $10/month off on their Home Internet service. This discount helps pay for the BS fees that are being charged by ISPs. To show just how big this fee gets, in 2020 alone, Americans paid over $9 billion in fees to landline ISPs. 

Not to mention, T-Mobile is against the ridiculous charges that ISPs have been charging for years. They have imposed a fee on equipment, installation (even self-installation), early disconnection, overages, and many more. 

New America, an independent third-party organization, has put these fees into detail:


T-Mobile is helping alleviate these fees by offering $10 off on the price of Home Internet. In doing so, they are helping their customers save up to 50% when they switch to Home Internet.

With the discount in place, T-Mobile customers only have to pay $50/month on their Home Internet service. You don’t have to worry about added taxes, fees, promos, or equipment charges. 

T-Mobile Home Internet service is available to over 30 million households throughout the country. 


Source: T-Mobile


  • Bklynman

    This is the same price it was before. Heck even when they rise it to $60.00 that was only few months before they gave it $10.00 off with auto pay. So now it went back down to $50.00,with or without auto pay?

    • Man with a plan

      Taxes and fees weren’t baked in till now. Taxes in my area were only like $2 but still…..

      • Joe

        I’ve had the service since march and always paid $50. No fees added to it.

        • Chris P Bacon

          What kind of speeds are you seeing? I’m just waiting for them to turn on 5G in my area so I can dump the monopoly ISP in my township.

        • Joe

          When I first got it I was getting around 20 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. I swapped my modem out for the newer 5G gateway and I get between 40-50 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up. I was having issues on and off lately and I talked with Tech support and I guess now there service is no longer available in my area and want request I cancel service.

        • Chris P Bacon

          Thanks. I don’t think that would be fast enough for us, since we rely on streaming, plus a teenager. I was really hopeful since we only have one ISP available in the township we live in. The cable company gouges us because the phone company can’t even promise me 10mbps at my location.

        • Joe

          Still needs a lot of work before it becomes a fast reliable service.

        • fromtheright

          40 – 50 down and only 8 up for $50? T-Mobile can keep it.

        • Joe

          It makes for a better backup service or for a vacation home.

  • Scott Schofield

    Got mine months ago, for the original $50 flat fee. Dumped Comcast and am loving it. WAY cheaper and faster. Comcast was capped at 25Mbps and with Home getting well over 300Mbps….