Report says T-Mobile has most available 5G network in the whole world


A new global report shows T-Mobile as a top provider of 5G signal compared to everyone in the world. 

The report comes from Opensignal, who recently awarded T-Mobile with the top spot for best 5G Availability in the world. Not to mention, T-Mobile is the only US operator to receive a Global 5G Award. 

This follows T-Mobile’s recent victories as it received recognition for the best 5G reach, availability and fastest speeds in the recent Opensignal US report that was published in July. 

“I’m delighted to see the Un-Carrier ranks best in the world on 5G availability, that we connect our customers to 5G more often than any other provider on the planet. That’s what T-Mobile built 5G to do — we built 5G differently from the beginning, and this third-party report is the latest in a long list that shows how that’s paying off for our customers,” T-Mobile’s President of Technology Neville Ray shared. “T-Mobile 5G delivers and experience that competitors can’t match, with industry-leading coverage from Extended Range 5G and super-fast speeds in more places than anyone else with Ultra Capacity 5G. Our 5G network just keeps blowing the other guys away.”

You can read more about the report here. 


Source: T-Mobile


  • Glenn Gore

    This is pretty much true. They have by far the biggest 5G network in the US, although whether or not much of that 5G is any better, or even equal to, their existing LTE network is questionable. They are taking steps to improve the situation with the Sprint mid-band spectrum, but coverage using that spectrum is extremely tiny from what the coverage maps are showing, and it will in no way be contiguous without the installation of a huge number of new sites, even in cities and towns of all sizes.

  • Ja D

    They just update a lot 5G towers around my work and home. Was getting 50-60M speed now is hitting 300+ at my office and 900+ around my home

    • Dsgb Solo

      Nice. I wonder if anyone has broken the 1000 Mbps threshold on N41?

  • Wow outstanding