T-Mobile wants to celebrate with you: 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer now available


T-Mobile has something up its sleeve and it has to do with its achievement with its Extended Range 5G. 

As revealed by the Un-Carrier, their Extended Range 5G now covers 300 million people months ahead of schedule. This means that nearly everyone in the country is covered by the network. And in addition to that, their Ultra Capacity 5G covers 150 million individuals. 

“Last year, when we said we’d cover 300 million people with 5G by the end of 2021, people thought we were crazy. Now we’ve blown by that goal SIX MONTHS ahead of schedule, and we won’t stop building the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.” – T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said. 

As a way of celebrating this big milestone for the Un-Carrier, T-Mobile has released an actual spirit– through an Ultra Capacity 5Gin (get it?). And since they want to extend the celebration to those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, they have the Extended Range 5Ginger Beer. 

“Now, we’re gonna celebrate in a way ONLY T-Mobile would — by bottling the Un-Carrier spirit. Yes, you heard that right. And as we begin to get back to all the things we have missed, it’s time for a celebratory toast with 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer. You know the GIF from The Great Gatsby? That’s me right now. Cheers!” 

T-Mobile is also sharing these beverages with you. You can head over to their website to order a bottle of 5Gin or a six pack of 5Ginger Beer. There are only limited quantities available so make sure to get a bottle soon.  

T-Mobile has tapped on Heritage Distilling Company to help produce the premium 5Gin, which is currently available for $30 a bottle without shipping and taxes. As for the 5Ginger Beer, T-Mobile has partnered with Jones Soda Co. to produce the non-alcoholic beverage. A six-pack costs $10 without shipping and taxes.  

Along with releasing these beverages, T-Mobile has released a few recipes online on what you can do with these drinks. There are recipes for a 5G & T, a Magenta Martini, and even a non-alcoholic 5Ginger Mule. You can check out these recipes here.


Source: T-Mobile

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