Sprint customers getting a rate plan upgrade from T-Mobile


Sprint customers are in for a treat today thanks to T-Mobile’s new rate plan upgrade. 

Thanks to the merger between the two companies, Sprint customers can now enjoy the perks offered exclusively to T-Mobile subscribers. And as revealed in a post today, these are the upgrades that T-Mobile gave to Sprint customers:

No More Extra Cost for Monthly Taxes and Fees

Monthly taxes and fees are now included in the plan so this means that there are no more extra fees to worry about. Another advantage to this is that prices are locked in. If taxes and fees go up, your bill won’t be affected. 

T-Mobile will be matching subscribers to the closest tax inclusive plan based on your bill from the previous month. You may see a small change to your bill, depending on your state and local tax jurisdiction. Some customers may even see a decrease. 

If you prefer not to opt for your new rate plan upgrade, T-Mobile will take care of you once you get in touch with them within 30 days of getting your tax inclusive bill. 

Increased Mobile Hotspot Data Allotment

T-Mobile has also increased the mobile hotspot data allotment on your plan. These are the new changes:

  • 5GB month/line – previously 500MB month/line or less
  • 60GB month/line – previously 50GB month/line


Additional $50 

T-Mobile is also giving customers a one-time $50 rebate via a virtual prepaid Mastercard. You can use this credit to purchase a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Or you can also use it to add a line. 

In addition to these upgrades to your plan, you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • 5G included in your plan at no extra cost
  • Free SIM card swap 
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays weekly deals


As T-Mobile says, customers are not required to change to the new plan. You can choose to opt-out so your plan remains what it is. This means that you will not have access to the perks included in the plan upgrade. 

You can click here to learn how you can opt-out.


Source: Sprint

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  • marque2

    hearty welcome to the new Sprint customers. Hope you enjoy the ride.

    • Willie D

      Yeah as TMo network is now way more bumpy than even Sprint used to be.

      • marque2

        Is it, or are you trolling? I admit Tmobile has issues, but I haven’t noticed a service drop, actually only slight and marginal improvements since the merger. Seems like I get about 20% more data now than before.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I find this funny because here, trying to connect to a Sprint tower (which is basically right across the street from the T-mobile tower), I am lucky to get a signal through half of my house.. The other half.. 1 bar?? 2 on a good day if I am lucky, and only in certain spots.. T-Mobile.. 4 to 5 bars no matter where I am in the house.. and as for speeds.. I can not even do a speed test because data is so poor on the Sprint tower.. T-Mobile.. 4.4mb down right now.. I recently took a short trip and jumped off of a Sprint tower in the boonies.. and that one took me multiple tries to even be able to do a speed test off of the Sprint tower.. For me, The only time I am using a Sprint tower is in places with no T-Mobile service.

  • Joe

    Now how about T-mobile get users get access to free hulu.

    • marque2

      Or maybe a choice, we already have almost free Netflix, maybe choose between discount Netflix or discount Hulu.

      • Joe

        Sprint customer’s get both now. I never setup the free Netflix on my account.

        • marque2

          That is pretty cool. My family doesn’t watch Netflix nearly as much any more. I would probably do like you get Hulu, dump Netflix (even if I didn’t have to)

    • Ruben Garcia

      I don’t think that will happen extra cost on T-Mobile side, which they are trying to cut

  • Jordan Estabrook

    They’re going to change our plans??

    • Derek Mounce

      From what I understand you are just not going to have to pay taxes on your plan anymore. If your plan is $70+ taxes and fees now your plan is just $70 flat.

      • Jordan Estabrook

        They are definitely changing peoples plans, I just read the faq. Says: am I required to change my plan? no, blah blah you can opt out.

        • marque2

          Then opt out. I would suggest taking it though. I have never had tmobile rip me off the way you suggest. You will be getting a better value with the new plan, and the prices won’t increase. If you prefer your dumpy Sprint plan, by all means keep it.

        • jdon

          I’ve opted out already and confirmed the details with a rep. But I expect it won’t matter in due time. They want to eventually get rid of people like me who pay $39 (after tax) for 4 unlimited unthrottled lines from a legacy plan from 2006, including a tablet sim card that works as a phone line. People bash on sprint but it’s completely location dependant. I’ve had 100mb speeds ever since they rolled out LTE. Now all my lines are 5g with sprint sims and I get 300-550mbps. Meanwhile my brother who lives down the street can’t get past 50 on 5g with t-mobile.

        • Mike Smith

          Sprint SIMS still use T-Mobile and have for a long time.

        • marque2

          There are plenty of people I know with old Tmobile legacy plans that cost very little. Tmobile does recommend getting the Tmobile One, and Magenta accounts, but I have never heard of them just pulling the account. I have heard of AT&T doing this.

          If I had a plan that was $39 for four lines, I would try to keep too. (It’s not $39 per line, as in 4×39 = $154 plus tax is it?)

        • Shaun Michalak

          Now all my lines are 5g with sprint sims and I get 300-550mbps.
          Meanwhile my brother who lives down the street can’t get past 50 on 5g
          with t-mobile.

          Are you sure that is correct?? The last time I checked, if I remember right, T-Mobile took down all band 41 coverage through Sprint about 6 or 7 months ago.. and since Sprint only had 5G on band 41, then how are you still using 5G on Sprint.. Not to mention, if you are getting those kinds of speeds, you must be in an area that has very little congestion.. Opensignal’s reports stated that Sprints average download speeds were only about 114mb down.. This makes me think that maybe you are connecting to a band 41 tower for 5G, and you brother down the street either is getting a poor band 41 connection, or may only be getting a band 71 signal..

  • Alex Pilaia

    What if you have Magenta Essentials? This was one of the differences between Essentials and Regular Magenta…

    • Shaun Michalak

      I do no understand what you are asking.. Magenta plans were T-Mobile plans, and they are only talking about people who have Sprint plans, so why would they change anything since it is not a Sprint plan that you are talking about??

  • chrlesbhn

    Does anyone have the link to the post with all the details from Sprint?

  • zeroone

    Is this an attempt to get Sprint customers off of plans that are protected by the merger settlement?

    • marque2

      I have never had Tmobile raise the price on me. I have had them get me to voluntarily switch plans by giving me an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

  • maciejkoziol

    Why not do it for T-mobile customers?
    A lot of people have simple choice and other grandfathered plans and they pay taxes with those plans.

    • Mike Smith

      There’s nothing keeping them from changing.

    • Ruben Garcia

      to be honest its not much of a difference in plan i contacted them if my regular bill is 135 with fee and taxes my plan will be 30 to 32. I think its an attempt on moving sprint customer to mobile for easier management on the back or something as in data caps on grandfather plans. Im still suspect on the long term result of these changes when cannot go back or none responders. Its opt out in 30 days or changes stay.