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Sprint customers getting a rate plan upgrade from T-Mobile


Sprint customers are in for a treat today thanks to T-Mobile’s new rate plan upgrade. 

Thanks to the merger between the two companies, Sprint customers can now enjoy the perks offered exclusively to T-Mobile subscribers. And as revealed in a post today, these are the upgrades that T-Mobile gave to Sprint customers:

No More Extra Cost for Monthly Taxes and Fees

Monthly taxes and fees are now included in the plan so this means that there are no more extra fees to worry about. Another advantage to this is that prices are locked in. If taxes and fees go up, your bill won’t be affected. 

T-Mobile will be matching subscribers to the closest tax inclusive plan based on your bill from the previous month. You may see a small change to your bill, depending on your state and local tax jurisdiction. Some customers may even see a decrease. 

If you prefer not to opt for your new rate plan upgrade, T-Mobile will take care of you once you get in touch with them within 30 days of getting your tax inclusive bill. 

Increased Mobile Hotspot Data Allotment

T-Mobile has also increased the mobile hotspot data allotment on your plan. These are the new changes:


Additional $50 

T-Mobile is also giving customers a one-time $50 rebate via a virtual prepaid Mastercard. You can use this credit to purchase a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Or you can also use it to add a line. 

In addition to these upgrades to your plan, you get to enjoy these benefits:


As T-Mobile says, customers are not required to change to the new plan. You can choose to opt-out so your plan remains what it is. This means that you will not have access to the perks included in the plan upgrade. 

You can click here to learn how you can opt-out.


Source: Sprint

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