Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere considering running for office


Former T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, revealed on Twitter that he is considering running for office. 

The tweet comes during the Capitol attack where several politicians and business leaders called for President Donald Trump to vacate his office. Legere, was one of those who shared his opinion on the matter. He shared that a president must “lead with love and optimism.” 

Following his tweet, Legere revealed that he was “considering the possibility of running for office.” He also shared that while he was not sure whether or not he is capable, he couldn’t “stand by simply watching this craziness.”

During his role as T-Mobile CEO, Legere did a number of things for the company. He turned T-Mobile into the Un-Carrier by releasing a plan that did not require any contracts. The move also helped change the plans offered by the company and introduced a variety of freebies and perks for its customers. Not to mention, he was the one who successfully negotiated the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. 

If Legere becomes president, it would be pretty interesting to see his agenda for everyone. Legere has been in support of net neutrality while he was T-Mobile’s CEO. But then again, Legere could be supportive of the proposed Medicare-for-all, considering it sits well with his Un-Carrier program. 

Right now, it’s not certain whether Legere is serious about actually running for office. If he ran for office, would America be ready for Legere’s brash attitude and a leather jacket-wearing president? Or should we say Un-President?


Source: 12