Metro by T-Mobile products to be sold at corporate and third-party stores across rural America


Right before 2020 came to a close, it was reported that Metro by T-Mobile launched would be allowing device trade-ins through their dealers. And it looks like this report has been further supplemented by a recent email that the T-Mobile prepaid brand sent out to its employees. 

According to a source, Metro by T-Mobile will soon be selling its prepaid services in T-Mobile corporate and third-party stores. The email reads:

“For Prepaid, we have an enormous opportunity in front of us. While we’ve been historically very successful in the nation’s most urban and densely populated segments throughout the history of T-Mobile, we have more to do especially in rural America.” 

The message supports T-Mobile’s move to expand its footprint in the rural areas of the country. The company plans to offer its Metro by T-Mobile prepaid products in their corporate and dealer stores throughout these states. Through this, T-Mobile will be expanding the distribution of its prepaid products, including “traditional voice and new non-voice products”.  

Upon publication of this report, T-Mobile has not clarified what it meant with “non-voice products”. It’s possible that this could refer to its TV services or home internet offers. 


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  • marque2

    Non voice also could refer to their selection of tablets.

  • Joe Carroll

    Tablets, SmartRide (OBD-II dongle), mobile hotspot, smartwatch, pet tag & other IoT devices

  • Shaun Michalak

    I find the irony of them saying “we have more to do, especially in rural America”, after the only places on their b41 list are all in cities, and none in rural america..