T-Mobile’s TVision Live Zone service gains a few new channels


Just a couple of weeks after T-Mobile added more channels to TVision, it’s adding a few more.

TVision Live Zone recently got 3 more channels. They are Baby TV, Fox Life, and Nat Geo Mundo. These channels are only available in the $60 TVision Live Zone tier, which includes nearly 80 channels following this latest addition.

These aren’t the biggest, most popular channels around, but they are a few new channels that are now available to TVision Live Zone customers for no extra charge. So if you’re a Live Zone subscriber, check out these new channels and see if there’s anything on them that piques your interest.

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Source: TVision Channel Lineup

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  • Terry

    Not enticing me. Maybe for some. I just wish they’d let you build a bundle. $40 for so many channels. $50 for more etc. I’ve currently got the $50 plan and trying it out. Better than paying cable company and I’m pretty happy with it. We shall see.

    • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

      I switched from Slingtv. I think Slingtv has a better service still, but I save $5 and get the local NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates. Only issue is they blackout whenever there’s a game on, which defeats the purpose. Also, No windows app and no ability to cast video. Assuming those two things will be fixed in the future. I watched as sling got better and better over the years so I know Tvision will. Whenever 5G becomes real and I can dump my ISP and get my cellular, Internet and Tv from Tmobile, this will be perfect

      • Terry

        Yeah. I went ahead and got T-Mobile home internet last month. So far so good. Wanted to get in now before any price increases and before they stop in my area. If they get too congested in an area, it looks like they stop offering. Could change with 5G. Service is pretty good for a single steaming home. Faster at night than daytime. Also, they said they would send out 5G router first to current customers first.

        I’m hoping they do keep improving service with TVision. I do like it and I’m not a sports person so I’m not too picky with some of the content as others. I only use apple devices and it works very good on Apple TV. And I can drop it from time to time to save money.

    • Glenn Gore

      The contracts with the programmers do not allow this, in fact they specifically prohibit it. When they require a carrier like TVision to carry half dozen or more channels in exchange for the rights to carry one main popular channel, they also require that those extra channels be carried on the lowest-priced tier. It’s a racket.


    Yay, more garbage to sift through. Looks like I’ll be canceling soon, I’m reminded of why I cut the cord last year. Might give YTTV a shot.

    • Glenn Gore

      YouTubeTV is suffering the same fate as this service is, they just raised their rates because of new carriage requirements for channels no one wants to watch in order to carry one that people do want to watch. You cannot escape this by switching to any service. This is what killed cable and is now killing satellite.

      • KOLIO

        I hear ya on the similarities. However, at least in my area, I only get one local network affiliate w/T-Vision & all of its programming (NBC). No ABC, FOX, PBS, & I was already aware of the lack of CBS before signing up.

        If YTTV does indeed carry more of the local affiliates, I’ll keep it past the free trial period. If not, I’m ditching it as well, going back to OTA & casting from my phone for anything else.

        I managed just fine with that OTA setup, I definitely don’t need 5 channels of Nickolodeon or a half-dozen various (cable) networks airing reruns of NBC’s Dateline simultaneously…..
        I seriously doubt we’ll ever get a true a la carte option, would be nice to pick approximately 15 or so channels & forget the rest.

        • Glenn Gore

          You could suffer the same fate, depending on who owns your local affiliates. I suspect this is the reason that some affiliates are not carried on YTTV. I have owned and operated a cable system in our small town for years, and carriage requirements are the bane of cable satellite, and now the streaming services.

          Our local ABC affiliate is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, who also owned Lifetime, Lifetime, Real Women, and Lifetime Movie Network, and no telling what additional networks now. If we wanted to carry that ABC affiliate, we were also required to carry ALL of the channels that Sinclair owned and carry them in the range of channels 2-21, as they would not allow their channels to be pushed off to the “projects” of the 100+ channel numbers. I

          In the end, we got tired of all this blackmail and dumped all our video services. The same thing happened in small towns all across the country and is now happening in the bigger cities as people cut the cord because they don’t like paying for channels they don’t want and cable systems shut down because they refuse to carry channels that no one wants to watch. I give the satellite services maybe another year before they suffer the same fate, and streaming will not be far behind.

        • KOLIO

          Just signed up for the YTTV trial last evening. It is carrying the local ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS/FOX affiliates, just as w/OTA.
          Definitely liking it better than T-Vision.
          T-Vision, for me, has been buggy as a beta program.
          Using the T-Vision casting device is primarily my biggest complaint, the volume control does not work properly when using T-Vision (visual indicator on-screen works, but, the volume level is wherever I left it w/my TVs native remote). Mute is the only thing that works w/volume control.
          Tried programming the T-Vision remote from my TVs native remote several times, still buggy, no improvements.
          The volume control works on all other apps installed, very strange.
          I’ve also had about 4-5 outages lasting for several hrs at a time in my one month of use.
          Definitely not ready for prime time, dropping T-Vision until I hear of improvements to the experience, mainly for local affiliates stations inclusion.

        • Sharti24

          You can also password share with YTTV. Something you cant do with t-vision

        • KOLIO

          Another added perk w/YTTV:
          1st time users are eligible for a free Chromecast w/Google TV device after the first month of paid service. The offer is available until 12/31/2020.

        • Glenn Gore

          I may have to check out YTTV even though they are caught up in the carriage-requirement morass and rising rates as a result, because my DirecTV cost will be going up $9/month in January without any additional new channels. The increase is all due to programmers’ massive increases in programming fees and the near-doubling of retransmission fees for local channels. The one thing keeping me with DirecTV is their excellent DVR. Otherwise, they have done nothing with 4k and HDR that would keep me around as a customer.

  • Glenn Gore

    These channels are the perfect example of the programmers’ carriage requirement tactics. T-Mobile is being required to carry these channels, which probably most people have never heard of or have any desire to watch, by stipulations in their contract to carry some major channel that they are not disclosing. And the price of the service goes up because of the programming fees that T-Mobile has to pay for these extra worthless channels in addition to the fee for the main channel.

    Not disclosing the name of the channel that is requiring the carriage of these worthless channels is not unusual, the contracts usually forbid disclosing details like this. If the public gets wind of how much their bill is being inflated by these requirements, all hell could break loose, and for good reason.

  • jbmoore972

    I have their home internet and would love to try TVision BUT I won’t go down that path until they provide all major networks. Where’s CBS?

    • Brian

      How is the internet service? I was told we can only hook up 20 devices. I have closer to 35 with homepods/minis and HomeKit plugs, phones, tablets, etc…

      • jbmoore972

        I have approximately 55 devices attached to it with no problems. I use google nest wifi mesh system. I do have it set up in a “double NAT” type scenario but it has worked flawlessly. They system only sees 1 connection. Speeds have been averaging 100-125 down and 25-35 up.

  • Patrick Marcigliano

    Anyone know (or think) if they will have a browser version like just about every other streaming service? Not being able to stream on my computer is a drag.