T-Mobile allegedly reveals Sprint shutdown date


It’s been nine months ever since T-Mobile and Sprint made their merger official. But even though they are already one company, Sprint continues to operate as a separate business. The only difference is that T-Mobile’s customers were able to roam using the towers of Sprint, with the right devices. So this often leaves a question on until when Sprint’s network will remain. T-Mobile, however, never addressed the question but promised that they will notify customers once they will shut down the brand. 

But apparently, it looks like T-Mobile has started to send out a notice to its business customers. According to a tweet that shared details of the letter, T-Mobile will be shutting down the CDMA network “on or around January 1, 2022.” Once that date comes, devices that support Sprint’s LTE network will continue to function. Unfortunately, CDMA-only devices will no longer be compatible. 

This letter seems to coincide with the report last week that T-Mobile will stop activating CDMA-only devices after January 1, 2021. This is also the date that T-Mobile will be shutting down 3G access on its own network. And just last week, there was a report containing a list of devices that will no longer be supported after this time. 

But then again, the notification was sent out to business customers. It’s possible that T-Mo has a different shutdown date for regular subscribers. There is still no official word from T-Mobile on when they will shutdown the network. It’s highly possible that T-Mobile will be releasing a number of deals around the time they will close the network so that customers will have an easier time making the transition.


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  • Prime Mercenary

    Who cares 5G is here get with it or get left behind that’s how tech work bro

    • Shaun Michalak

      If I remember right, they said that they were going to leave 4G up for at least 5 years, or something like that.. so who cares about 5G right now when 4G is actually more reliable in most places.

  • Shaun Michalak

    True, but with the Sprint network, they can not fully shut down the Sprint network, and put the whole thing on the T-Mobile network until Sprints old 2 and 3G networks are stopped.. T-Mobile doesn’t have this problem shutting down their own 2 and 3G service.. In fact, they can shut it down, parts at a time, as they do upgrades because they have left no guarantee that it will stay up..