T-Mobile customers can get free Cinnabon and a T-Mo flashlight next Tuesday


After giving away free pancakes this week, T-Mobile has lined up another sweet treat for next Tuesday.

T-Mobile and Sprint customers can score a free order of BonBites from Cinnabon next Tuesday, October 27. BonBites are similar to a regular Cinnabon cinnamon roll, but shrunken down into bite-size form.

Also coming next week is another piece of T-Mo swag. T-Mobile will hand out a free T-Mo-branded flashlight with a lanyard that looks like it’d be great for your everyday carry bag or for travel.

T-Mobile Tuesdays will be getting into the holiday spirit next Tuesday with a free 30-day trial for Shudder, a video streaming service that focuses on horror, thrillers, and suspense. You’ll be able to score 2 free months of Instacart Express, too, as well as $0.10 off per gallon of gas from Shell.

There will be five grand prizes up for grabs next week. Each winner will receive a JBL Sound Bundle that includes a JBL PartyBox On-The-Go portable speaker, JBL Tune 125 truly wireless earbuds, JBL Tune 600 on-ear noise canceling headphones, and a JBL Go 3 portable waterproof speaker.


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  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    That’s either a really BIG lanyard or a really SMALL flashlight.

    • RealShit

      Does it matter? What are you gonna go line up for it? Lmao

  • steveb944

    Cinnabon should be to go thankfully, Instacart is great timing, and I’ll stop by for some flashlights. Best week in recent times I think.

    • RealShit

      Stop by your local bank they have some free pens too, what are you homeless? Lmao

      • steveb944

        Lol. No, just gives something to do during the pandemic.

  • tarfin

    Presuming you have to go to the store to get the flashlight?

    • RealShit


  • Erika Rodriguez

    i tought it said fleshlight lolz

    • rsg

      Oh my….

    • Francisco Peña

      To add to your collection?

      • Erika Rodriguez

        nah i prefer dildoz

  • RealShit

    Everybody’s about to lose it over some dumbass flashlights lol

  • forbidinjustice

    I wish we could get the Cinnabon at Schlotzsky’s since they don’t have any actual Cinnabon locations near me. Big sad.

  • dcmanryan

    Shudder isn’t working for me. It only offers a 7 day trial. Oh well.

  • roger shahan

    Love the mini flashlight just wish it took regular batteries

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      Button batteries have been around for decades… How are they not “regular”?

  • Fan_Posting

    This little Flashlight came in handy during the Power outage due to the Zeta Storms.