T-Mobile and Betty Crocker cook up a real 5G layer cake mix


T-Mobile often refers to its 5G network as a “layer cake” that’s made up of three different kinds of 5G to help give customers the best experience possible. Now T-Mo is taking that 5G “layer cake” and turning it into a literal cake.

T-Mobile has teamed up with Betty Crocker to make a 5G layer cake mix. The T-Mobile x Better Crocker 5G Layer Cake mix is a limited edition and includes all the ingredients you need to make your own magenta-colored layer cake.

This limited edition cake mix was available for free to anyone this morning, but it sold in out minutes. T-Mobile is planning to give some boxes of its 5G layer cake mix away on Twitter, too, so if you want to bake up a 5G layer cake of your own, you should keep an eye on the @TMobile and @NevilleRay accounts.

T-Mo’s 5G network layer cake is made of up low-band 600MHz, mid-band 2.5GHz, and high-band mmWave spectrum. The low-band 600MHz covers the longest distances and help to give T-Mobile a nationwide 5G network, but it doesn’t offer the fastest speeds of the three. Mid-band offers a mix of coverage and faster speeds, while mmWave is super fast but is focused on covering city blocks.

The T-Mobile 5G network currently covers over 250 million people across 1.3 million square miles. T-Mo recently expanded its mid-band 2.5GHz 5G to 121 additional cities and towns, and it promises to expand that coverage to thousands of cities by the end of 2020.


Sources: T-Mobile, T-Mobile x Better Crocker 5G Layer Cake Mix

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  • Nobody Special

    “This limited edition cake mix was available for free to anyone this morning, but it sold in out minutes.“ hmmm, either the T-Mobile employees took them all or there were only 5 cake mix boxes available. In the next couple of weeks the employees will be selling those cake mix boxes on eBay I’m sure.

    • Francisco Peña

      i didn’t even know about it.

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    Baskin Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pretzels and now cakes..

    Why is T-Mobile so focused on diabetes?

    • Francisco Peña

      because no one cares to eat ATT’s broccoli.

  • stupid8911 .

    T-Mo, don’t jump the shark, please. Let’s get folks originally from Sprint settled, get them upgraded equipment if need be, and actually work on that network (which is coming along quite well, may I add). We can do this, we love you.

    • AA-Ron

      I feel like they are more than capable of doing both at the same time.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I agree.. If you think about it, it is better to fully upgrade the towers all at once while they are there, then to come back multiple times for multiple upgrades.. If you are going to the tower for one thing, instead of just installing band 41, if it is not installed already, install band 71, 41, and 25 to supplement bands 2 / 4 / 12 that are already there.

    • adampk17

      I don’t know, I find this fairly funny. Way to go T-mo

  • Shaun Michalak

    This limited edition cake mix was available for free to anyone this morning, but it sold in out minutes.

    Just wondering, but if it was “free”, then how did it “sell” out??