T-Mobile’s Galaxy A71 5G getting new update that adds standalone 5G support


A couple of days after T-Mobile updated its Galaxy Note 10+ 5G to support standalone 5G, another Samsung phone has begun receiving the same feature.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is now getting an update that includes standalone 5G support. In addition to enabling SA 5G connectivity, this update brings improved camera performance and the September 1, 2020 security patches to the A71 5G.

T-Mobile hasn’t yet updated its Galaxy A71 5G support page with info on this update, but Samsung’s support page does include this update and its changelog.

This update is version A716USQU2ATH7 and it comes in at 415.54MB. Some Galaxy A71 5G owners on Reddit say that they got the update today, so if you have T-Mobile’s A71 5G, be on the lookout. You can also check manually by going into Settings > Software update > Download and install.

T-Mobile deployed standalone 5G last month, expanding its overall 5G coverage by 30 percent. Standalone 5G can also get you lower latency, so if your phone has an update available to add standalone 5G support, it’s definitely worth installing it when you get the chance.


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  • marque2

    And this highlights the problem people have with LG all the time. T-Mobile is selling the V60 as a moderately high end phone. It is also a current phone just like the Samsung S20 and the OnePlus 8. But now well over a month after announcing SA 5g, I still don’t have an update, and yet this low end Samsung does. I still have the July 1 Security patch.

    There was no reason to buy this 5g phone – I though I might get some better range with 5g on 600Mhz, but it turns out I am still dependant on 4g @ 1800 for my range.

    • shawn murray

      dont fell bad the oneplus 7t pro 5g is suppose to get it was well and as not im on august patch. the note 10+ 5g also got its SA update and the note 10+ and 7t Pro 5g come out at the same time.

  • Greg Victor

    Anybody know if T-Mobile branded Note20 Ultras currently support 5G SA?

  • Bklynman

    Is anyone having major issues with this phone? Read the reviews on Tmo site,one person after another are having problems with it. Losing connection,from making calls to online. I google issues with the Tmo version of this phone page aftervpage came up with problems with it. Side note Big Red version is having the same issues,even those it has 8 gigs of ram,The Death Star version is working fine,nearly 500 of people have given it 4 half stars on AT&T site.

    • caquito

      My wife has this phone, the only way she can use it is on Wi-Fi.

      • Bklynman

        Mmmm,strange At&t verison of this phone is the only one not having any problems with it. With what I read A51 5g is the same phone but with a smaller main camera lens and no issues whatsoever. Can’t make calls with it,droping calls, showing it connected to the net but it not etc. People has it replace with the same model,same issues.