T-Mobile turns on 600MHz and mmWave 5G at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas


T-Mobile today announced that its 5G is now available in a new location, but it’s not a city or town that’s getting access to T-Mo 5G for the first time.

T-Mobile has turned on 5G at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Both 600MHz and mmWave 5G are live there, offering a mix of coverage and high speeds.

T-Mo also touts that T-Mobile Arena is the first 5G-enabled venue owned by AEG in the world. AEG owns a number of arenas, stadiums, and other venues around the world.

Today’s news is notable because T-Mobile customers visiting T-Mobile Arena are getting another place to try out 5G. This is also the first time that T-Mo has announced new mmWave 5G coverage ever since it first launched mmWave 5G last year. However, Las Vegas was one of the¬†six cities where mmWave 5G is available, so T-Mo’s list of mmWave 5G cities isn’t growing quite yet.

Source: Neville Ray

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  • Joe

    I would like to see the speed tests in the arena. Better be at least 1 gig when empty that way when full you can still get around 50 mbps

    • dcmanryan

      It’s been awhile, but I went to Las Vegas a week after the shooting and was shocked how crappy T-Mobile was there. It was terrible. I would have thought having an arena with your name on it you’d have decent speed. Hopefully they’ve improved there. I’m guessing they have by now. I’d have been happy with 5 Mbps back then. We had to use the hotels WiFi at Tahiti Village it was so bad.

      • AA-Ron

        Never had any problems when traveling to Vegas. Always been great speeds.

        • dcmanryan

          Hmmmm. Not sure. I was there for 4 days last and it was awful. Something may have been going on, not sure.

        • AA-Ron

          What phone do you have?

        • Omar Boyer

          My aunt just came back from vegas 2 days ago she has the samsung s20 . And same thing as the other guy she said tmobile was terrible , no signal in the hotel and casinos . Her boyfriend has At&t and her friend has straight talk and she said both of them had signal in the hotel n casinos and working data were she had nothing on tmobile.

        • dcmanryan

          Now I have OP8. At that time I had an iPhone 8 plus.

  • Shaun Michalak

    So basically, this is good because the 1% of people with a mmWave capable phone.. After all, most 5G phones do not support mmWave from what I have seen.. Just 5G on the towers.. Even the Apple phones, only a select few, or basically the pro version, has mmWave abilities..

    • slybacon

      No iPhone has any flavor of 5G yet…

      • Shaun Michalak

        I know.. I was talking about the upcoming release of iphones, which will not be until I am guessing October from what I am reading right now..