T-Mobile turns on 600MHz and mmWave 5G at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas


T-Mobile today announced that its 5G is now available in a new location, but it’s not a city or town that’s getting access to T-Mo 5G for the first time.

T-Mobile has turned on 5G at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Both 600MHz and mmWave 5G are live there, offering a mix of coverage and high speeds.

T-Mo also touts that T-Mobile Arena is the first 5G-enabled venue owned by AEG in the world. AEG owns a number of arenas, stadiums, and other venues around the world.

Today’s news is notable because T-Mobile customers visiting T-Mobile Arena are getting another place to try out 5G. This is also the first time that T-Mo has announced new mmWave 5G coverage ever since it first launched mmWave 5G last year. However, Las Vegas was one of the¬†six cities where mmWave 5G is available, so T-Mo’s list of mmWave 5G cities isn’t growing quite yet.

Source: Neville Ray

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