Android 11 releasing today with lots of new features


Today’s a good day for Google Pixel owners, because the Android 11 update is officially starting its rollout.

Google is unleashing the Android 11 update to the public today. It’s available to most Pixel phones, ranging from the Pixel 2 forward, so if you’ve got one of those models you can begin checking for the update now.

Some owners of non-Pixel devices are starting to get their taste of Android 11 today, too. Google says that the update is now rolling out to select phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, too. More devices will be updated over the coming months as other phone makers prepare Android 11 with their custom UIs.

As for what’s in the Android 11 update, there are quite a few new features for you to check out. Messaging is a big focus, as there’s now a dedicated section in the notification shade for all the alerts from your chat apps. Bubbles is another new messaging-focused feature of Android 11, letting you respond to conversations without having to constantly jump between apps.

Privacy is another big part of Android 11. You can now grant apps one-time permissions to things like your microphone, camera, and location, meaning the apps will have to ask you for access the next time it wants to use one of those features. Android 11 will also auto-reset permissions for apps you haven’t used in a while to prevent those apps from accessing your info without you knowing.


Built-in screen recording is finally coming to Android with this new update, and Google is making it easier for you to control smart home devices like light bulbs and thermostats by letting you long-press your phone’s power button. All phones running Android 11 will have access to wireless Android Auto, too, making it easier for you to use the in-car software.

Google Pixel owners are getting even more new features with Android 11. Smart Reply will suggest responses inside chat apps to help you respond more quickly when you’re using Gboard, and Google is making it easier for you to take and edit a screenshot as well as select text and images using new overview actions.


Pixel phones are getting more proactive with Android 11 as well. Your bottom row of apps can now include suggestions for apps your Pixel thinks you’ll want throughout the day, like Google Maps ahead of your morning commute or a music app when you visit the gym. Pixel phones can also offer intelligent suggestions for folder names to help you organize your home screen.

If you’ve got a Google Pixel or one of the other devices getting Android 11 today, be sure to let us know when you get the new update installed!

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