T-Mobile Arena opening today, T-Mo shows it off with an ‘unboxing’ video


Three months after we first learned that T-Mobile would be putting its name in lights above an arena in Las Vegas, the day has come for the arena itself to open.

T-Mobile today shared a brief “unboxing” video walkthrough of T-Mobile Arena starring @AskDes and with a brief appearance by the Legere Doll. T-Mobile Arena offers 650,000 square feet of space with five floors and 20,000 seats. The seats in the lower bowl offer a configurable telescopic feature so that they can be adjusted for different events like basketball, hockey, and UFC fights. The arena also offers a three-story scoreboard so that you can get a good view of what’s happening no matter where you’re sitting.

When it comes to amenities, there are six premium lounge areas, premium balconies on all VIP and public levels with views outside, and a Hyde Lounge nightclub up on the top floor that extends over the crowd. You can see it yourself in the video above. T-Mobile Arena also offers a “resident celebrity mixologist” and its own magenta cocktail, the Atomic Fizz.

Of course, because the arena is named after T-Mobile, there are some technological features of T-Mobile Arena, too. T-Mo says that its 4G LTE network is “optimized throughout the arena,” and there’s public Wi-Fi available as well. And if you need to juice up your phone during an event, you can use one of the charging stations that are spread throughout the arena.

And yes, T-Mobile customers do get special treatment when visiting T-Mobile Arena. T-Mo touts that there are special fast-track entry lanes for its subscribers at every event. There will also be special seat upgrades and ticket pre-sales offered.

T-Mobile Arena looks like a nice venue, offering amenities like lots of lounges to hang out at and a big screen so that you don’t miss out on any of the action. It’s also good to hear that there are tech features in place, too, like charging stations and T-Mo network optimizations. After all, you wouldn’t want T-Mobile customers to have poor service in T-Mobile Arena, even if there’s public Wi-Fi available.

Tonight the arena will host a grand opening concert starring The Killers and Wayne Newton, and tomorrow, T-Mo is throwing an Un-carrier Opening Celebration Concert with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Source: T-Mobile

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