T-Mobile rebrands Sprint stores as it reaches another merger milestone


T-Mobile announced a couple of weeks ago that it would officially combine brands with Sprint on August 2. Today’s that day, and as expected T-Mobile has made a few changes to help welcome Sprint customers and employees to the T-Mo family.

Jon Freier, T-Mobile’s EVP of Consumer Markets, revealed that Sprint stores closed early yesterday to help transition them to T-Mo stores. Just like you see in the image at the top of this post, Sprint stores are having their sign replaced with a new, temporary sign to show that Sprint is now part of T-Mobile.

With Sprint stores becoming T-Mobile stores, T-Mo touts that there are now more than 7,500 stores that can serve both T-Mobile and Sprint customers.

T-Mobile has also done some work to update its websites. Sprint.com now redirects to T-Mobile.com, and the T-Mo homepage now includes a banner near the top of the page to alert customers to the fact that T-Mobile and Sprint have merged.

There are still some remnants of the Sprint name, like on the MySprint app for Android and iOS. Still, this is a major milestone in the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, and it’s a big moment for the US wireless industry as a major carrier is going away.

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  • marque2

    The link to the Sprint Accounts page is a 404. Guess it is no more as well.

    • Alex Wagner

      Weird, was working when the post went up. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • marque2

    It is kind of sad to see Sprint go. I got my first “phone card” way back when in the 1980s and had the number memorized because I used it for long distance, and medium distance in the day. I also used them as long distance – before I switched to Quest, for my first phone line. My first cell phone was also sprint, I got in 2001, and it was a digital flip phone from Motorola. I remember in the LA area having problems with reception, and shocked when I flew to the East coast that every tiny burg in Connecticut and Rhode Island seemed to have 5 bar coverage. They did much better on the east coast. Dropped them in 2005 as a cost savings move, when I lost a job. We didn’t really need dedicated cell phones yet back then.

    • Shaun Michalak

      My first cell was with Verizon.. that was back in the 90’s.. But after they lied to me one too many times, I left them and went to cell one.. Actually, I think it was something before cell one, and cell one bought them out.. Then when AT&T bought them out, I then went over to T-Mobile, and have been with them since..

  • JLaw

    Rip Sprint. Even though they were behind for the last 10 yrs.
    I had some good memories with them in the late 90s and early 00s.
    Circa 07-08 I bought a unused startac st7866w in box, the model if my first mobile, ever. Paid 70 for it and even found unused in box, Sanyo scp-6400 that was 60. The Sany’s thinness was crazy for the time, the 6000 and 6200 helped make the 6400, almost perfect at the time.
    Not usable, since e911 was standard (thanks to big brother).
    But, for old time reminiscences, I had to have them.
    The timer in the StarTac is still at 0, and the 6400 is still in the bag.

  • Mike Smith

    Welcome death to a lame brand synonymous with failure.