T-Mobile begins pushing updates to OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, OnePlus 6T


T-Mobile’s got new updates for a trio of OnePlus devices.

The OnePlus 8 5G is now receiving an update to version 10.5.20.IN55CB. The changelog says this new update enables standalone 5G, but T-Mobile actually rolled that feature out to the OnePlus 8 5G with an update earlier this month. Also listed on the OnePlus 8 5G’s update changelog are the August 2020 security patches and “general improvement and fixes”.


T-Mo has announced a new update for the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, too. This update is version 10.0.37.HD61CB and includes the August 2020 security patches.

And finally, T-Mobile says that the OnePlus 6T is receiving the August 2020 security update, too. The update is arriving as version A6013_34_200803.

All three updates should be rolling out to the OnePlus devices over the air now. If you’ve got a T-Mobile OnePlus 8 5G, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, or OnePlus 6T, you can check for your update by going into Settings > System > System update > Check for Update.

Let us know when your OnePlus phone gets its update!

Thanks Noel!

Sources: T-Mobile OnePlus 8 5G, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, OnePlus 6T

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  • Mike Taylor

    OnePlus 6T and 8 got it but my sons 7T mclaren 5g hasn’t.

  • David E

    I received my update for 7t McLaren 5G!

  • Jake Sims

    I also received the update for the 7T Pro but still waiting on the update with standalone 5G. Was expecting it to arrive with this security update.

    • shawn murray

      yeah i thiugh so too but it could be taking alittle longer they have not got it for the note 10+5g ether

      • psycho_nole

        I’m on Facebook chat now with a t-mobile rep trying to find out about the SA update and he’s telling me that the mclaren 5g doesn’t support T-Mobile’s 5g network….so trying to clear that up.

        • psycho_nole

          “I get where you’re coming from Joseph – here’s the transparent and honest answer. When the 5G concept was becoming a reality on any network all of the phone manufacturers and the general public were jumping on the band wagon, anything that was potentially a 5G phone was being released by anyone, includeing OnePlus. The phone is OnePlus and they released the phone without testing on the T-Mobile network for compatibility. ^ArnoldBrickbealer”

        • psycho_nole

          Was getting bad/untrained help from Facebook. After a while this is what I got on Twitter:

          “I can confirm that your OnePlus 7T will not get stand alone 5G. This part of 5G is fairly new information and there aren’t a whole lot of details available yet. But we do have a basic list of devices that tells us which ones will get it. I appreciate you taking the time to message with me. It’s important you have as much information as possible. Arnold and I are both part of the same T-Force team and want to do everything we can to help. Let us know what we can to do turn things around for you.”
          (I’m assuming he meant 7t pro and not 7t)

        • psycho_nole

          He replied, he meant 7t pro 5g McLaren.
          So out of all the conflicting and just plain WRONG info I got from the two of them here’s what I finally got…
          No SA 5G for our phone, they have no idea what bands this phone supports even after I showed them pictures that it got an update for midband, and they will repeat wrong stuff to you because that’s what it says on a website that needs an update.
          The Twitter tech did at least say he would move our conversation up the line to get some of their information updated…so at least there’s that. The Facebook guy stopped responding after I told him he once again gave me incorrect information.

        • shawn murray

          well they are wrong bc t-moble them selves have confirmed SA for note 10+ 5g and the oneplus 7t pro 5g even this site said that they would get it as well as the LG v60 5g. so they are wrong.

        • psycho_nole

          Once I realized how wrong they were(and kept being) I just basically kept at it until they let me talk to a supervisor to tell them how bad the interaction was. They just don’t give people enough training on the multitude of different phones and services they have. Got the security update last night, if it gets SA (which hopefully) then it’ll be a nice addition. I just know not to count on T-Mobile’s site or customer care for any real answers.

        • shawn murray

          i have called and got a good answer and that they it does it just is taking a bit longer maybe we get it next month.

        • psycho_nole

          That’s great to hear. Too bad it took me 4 people to get the wrong answer and you got a good one.

        • psycho_nole

          “Hey Joseph my friend, thanks for hanging in there with us through everything here on social media today. Looking over the tech specs of the OnePlus 7T McLaren device it has hardware for 5G on specific frequency bands – the hardware your phone has does not match up with the 5G T-Mobile’s network has. There’s both hardware and software that have to match for you to get 5G on a device and what the network (cell towers) is putting out. Does this shed some light on the subject for you? ^ArnoldBrickbealer”

        • shawn murray

          well first that rep does not know what he is talking about the oneplus 7t 5g got an update to for bands 2 and 66 and already had band 41 for mid-band. all three of those bands are for mid-band and it has the tech for SA like the note 10+ 5g. so gain they do not know what they are talking about.

        • Glenn Gore

          Hang in there, psycho, the OnePlus Mclaren edition does indeed support T-Mobile’s 5G network, but only certain frequencies. I know that it supports Band 71 600 MHz and I know that it does not support millimeter-wave spectrum, which is no big loss because T-Mobile is only using that in a few VERY small areas and it’s virtually useless unless you are outdoors with nothing, not even a leaf between you and a transmitter across the street.

          I don’t know if they McLaren can support mid-band 5G through a software update or not. I am inclined to think it can’t, but we will see. Your phone should receive this new update someday that will add Band 71 Stand-Alone capability. My McLaren has not received this update yet either.

        • shawn murray

          It does support mid-band it has band 41,2,66 has well as 71

        • Glenn Gore

          I got my update this morning, now I need to take a little road trip 60 miles up to the nearest 5G coverage and see how well it works. T-Mobile is working on filling in the big gap in 5G along I-40 in western Oklahoma but it is not operational yet, it’s been coming and going over the past few weeks.

  • dtam

    Still no update for my Oneplus 8 5G. Still on June 1 security build

    • missbanjo

      Same here and my device says it’s up to date. Considering the bluetooth issues, being notified that my messages have gone out when that’s turned off and apps accessing fingerprints keeps resetting it’s pissing me off.

    • dcmanryan

      Mine was waiting after reading the article I downloaded it.

  • krisstofer

    Oh my LG G8 ThinQ is receiving updates too.. Wow LG and Tmo are getting better now

  • MJZ

    OnePlus 6T had the update waiting when I checked after reading this article.
    Patching it now.

  • Craig D

    Wish the update would of sent the update for the oneplus buds settings.

  • chreno56

    received Oneplus 8 5G 10.5.20.IN55CB update this afternoon, have traveled all over Reno and Sparks and still on B66!!

  • jeff butler

    I lost my volte on sprint/tmobile with this last update on my brand new oneplus 8 5g.