T-Mobile Home Internet service expands to a new market


T-Mobile Home Internet is getting its first full market expansion since the service began in a pilot program in March 2019.

T-Mobile today announced that its expanding its Home Internet service to the greater Grand Rapids, Mich., area. This includes Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa counties. Residents can sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet whether they’re a T-Mo customer or not.

Residents in this area can sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet service for $50 per month with autopay. Without autopay, the price is $55. Like T-Mo’s Magenta wireless plan, the monthly rate for Home Internet includes taxes and fees. There’s no service contract tied to the price, nor are there any hardware rental or installation costs.

The service uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, though T-Mo says it’s planning to eventually launch 5G Home Internet nationwide. For now, customers on T-Mobile Home Internet can expect average download speeds of 50Mbps. There are no data caps on usage.

We haven’t heard much about T-Mobile’s Home Internet since its launch more than a year ago, so it’s good to get an update today and to see T-Mo expanding the service. While it’s only opening up in one new area today, this expansion is notable because it’s available to residents of the Grand Rapids area even if they’re not already a T-Mobile customer. Previously, T-Mobile Home Internet was an invite-only service for T-Mo customers.

T-Mo says that it aims to offer its Home Internet service to more than half the zip codes in America, or 9.5 million households, by 2026.

Source: T-Mobile

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