T-Mobile REVVL 4+ named in regulatory filings, TCL is the manufacturer


T-Mobile has launched 3 generations of own-brand REVVL phones to date, and new regulatory filings suggest that a 4th generation is in the works.

A Bluetooth SIG filing has revealed that TCL is making a device called the “REVVL 4+”. There aren’t a ton of details about the REVVL 4+ revealed in the filing, but the device is listed as being an “LTE / UMTS / GSM mobile phone” with Bluetooth 5.0.

There’s also an FCC filing for a device with the same model numbers 5062W and 5062Z. As with the Bluetooth SIG listing, there’s not a lot of info to be found in this FCC filing, but this REVVL 4+ is listed as having support for T-Mobile and Sprint’s network bands as well as a 4000mAh battery and NFC.

As noted by Phone Scoop, the REVVL 4+ shares the same Bluetooth SIG filing as the TCL 10L, so it’s possible that the REVVL 4+ could be based on the 10L. The spec list for the TCL 10L includes a 6.53-inch 2340×1080 display; Snapdragon 665 processor; quad rear camera array with 48MP main, 8MP ultra wide, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth cameras; and a 4000mAh battery.

TCL has made a few REVVL phones for T-Mobile in the past, so we could definitely see T-Mo and TCL teaming up on the REVVL 4+. We don’t yet know when the REVVL 4+ might be announced, but last year’s REVVLRY and REVVLRY+ were introduced in early July, so it’s possible that the REVVL 4+ could be officially revealed next month.

Via: Phone Scoop
Sources: FCC, Bluetooth SIG

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  • DominiMMIV

    There shouldn’t be any carrier released phones without sub6 5G in 2020. It makes no sense….

    • g2a5b0e

      Not everyone cares about 5G speeds, which on T-Mobile, are currently slower than 4G speeds in some areas. Considering the fact that 4G isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it makes perfect sense.

    • fyah

      4g should be good for the next 4 yrs. It ain’t going nowhere.

      • Jason Caprio

        Probably another 10 – 20 years. T-Mobile still has 3G and 2G active. Verizon is still even running a tiny sliver of 1X/3G CDMA until the end of this year and then it will be shut down.

        • KMB877

          T-mob and Verizon will unplug 2G by the end of the year 2020.

        • Mike Thaler

          Is 2G still used in other countries?

        • KMB877

          Most of the countries in Europe still have 2G/GSM active.

  • riverhorse

    NFC encouraging. IR possible, being TCL. 6&128gb would be ideal.

  • KMB877

    REVVL, REVVLRY+, terrible and unfriendly names. This reminds me Kizashi made by Suzuki… Impossible to be pronounced.