T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 receiving new security update


It’s been a few months since Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners last got an update from T-Mobile, but that’s changing today.

T-Mobile is now rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Note 9 that bumps it up to version N960USQU4DTD3. The only item on the changelog is the May 2020 Android security patches, but that’s a welcome update from the March 2020 security patches that the Note 9 was on previously.

This update appears to have started rolling out over-the-air, and TmoNews reader James reports that they received it overnight. So if you’re rocking a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9, be on the lookout for the update to hit your phone in the coming days or check for it manually right now by going into Settings > Software Update > Download updates manually.

Let us know when your Note 9 gets this new update!

Thanks James!

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  • Claude

    I go mine updated.

  • G1andonly

    You all didn’t alert readers that Tmo has a deal on the S20 with a trade in of the S10 (you can buy from Amazon for around 430) that gives you $500 off?

    • InTheMuff

      So save………$70, am I following?

      • G1andonly

        You get the S20 for $500 with the trade in so you save $570 unless you already have an S10 which I did that I bought for $400 last month from amazon but the price has gone up.

        • Claude

          So $70 net savings with the S10 trade-in that you have to buy for $430

        • InTheMuff

          So right off the bat you’re paying $500. First you have to have an s10, so buying one on amazon is north of $400 like you said.
          So if you dont have an s10, you’re shelling out $900 at least

        • G1andonly

          True but not at once. You will get trade in credit upfront, $230 then you pay 21.00 a month which you can pay off anytime after that.

  • InTheMuff

    I just randomly checked for an update 10 minutes ago and there it was.
    Then I visit this site and its the first article.
    Far out……..

    Seriously tho, tmobile took forever, I was on march before this.

    This update should be june.

    Anyway, we’re getting UI2.1 shortly

  • g2a5b0e

    There are definitely other changes in addition to the security update. For example, there’s now a power button in the notification shade. I noticed a few other minor ones as well.

  • I noticed the new power button in the pull-down menu. Also, the new “categories” option in Messages.