T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert commits to ‘significant changes’ to increase diversity


T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert today shared an open letter responding to the ongoing protests across the US and around the world. In it, Sievert says that T-Mo believes that “racism, hatred, and inequality have no place in our world” but that “systemic racism is real” and that we must act to create a better world.

“We mourn the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all of the victims of racial injustice across the country and around the world,” Sievert goes on to say. “As George Floyd has been laid to rest, I want to be clear that we at T-Mobile are firm in our belief that Black Lives Matter — and we stand for change, for justice, and for equity.”

Sievert goes on to pledge to making “significant changes” to improve its diversity and inclusion. These steps include bringing in more diverse talent and better representation of minorities into leadership roles with new programs as well as new processes for hiring, rewarding people, and developing talent.

This week T-Mobile committed to ensuring that every job and promotion should include a diverse set of candidates, Sievert says, and high potential managemetn and executive talent programs will have significantly increased participation by people of color. T-Mo also plans to work to ensure better inclusion across all its businesses.

T-Mobile is pleding to establish programs to support Black businesses and minority communities. Last year, the carrier struck a diversity partnership with 6 National Civil Rights organizations that included a commitment to fund the work of those groups with $25 million in grants. Sievert says that T-Mo will take even more action but didn’t share details of those plans.

You can read Sievert’s full letter at the link below.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Christopher Hoy


  • Waboo

    Yes, amazing that yet another mega sized company caves into the “systemic racism” bs narrative. Racism does exist, from ALL races and walks of life, but “systemic” is ridiculous. Just another limp wristed soy boy ceo helping to push the left’s narrative.

    • dcmanryan

      It’s a perfect example of looking for racism where none probably was to begin with. That’s what we’ve become.

  • G1andonly

    This is getting out of hand, and as a black man in America I don’t want anything to do with “BLM”. Hard work and being a good person gets you to where you want to go. Where is the outrage for the Blacks killed just last week by other blacks, how about the fact that more whites are killed by blacks and police every year, every day. ENOUGH ALL READY, just be a phone company and don’t hire someone because of the color of their skin but by the skills they they have acquired. Stop treating blacks like children, we dont need hand holding we need to be treated like adults.

    • Smartest man right here.

      • G1andonly

        Thank you. Just common sense. Let’s all be Americans together.

    • dcmanryan

      Great comment. It also should be said that if African Americans make up roughly 13% of the population why would we expect more than 13% on average to work at a place.

      • G1andonly

        Great point. Also let’s not forget that we (my kind) have programs that whites don’t have like Affirmative action, THE NAACP, many grants for school but yet still demand you hire or let us attend school because my skin and not my skills or hard work! I was raised to be human 1st and American 2nd, my black skin is just that, SKIN.

        • Android_God

          Duuuude you still TOTALLY aren’t black

    • Android_God

      Duuuude you TOTALLY aren’t black

      • NardVa

        He’s definitely a white guy and the fact he got online and pretended to be a black guys tells me he’s part of the problem.

      • Flybynight

        Are you indicating certain races/cultures are incapable of diverse thought? I don’t agree with that

    • Francisco Peña

      I want to add to since you mentioned it. (aimed at those reading this in general)

      According to Statistica from 2017-2019, about 230ish blacks are shot and killed by cops in the US each year. (over 400 white)

      According to the FBI:
      from 2001-2005, 78% of violent crime against Blacks were by fellow blacks.(Report: Black Victims of Violent Crime)
      In 2016 ( and several years around there also around 80%) Homicides of blacks were by fellow blacks 89% of the cases (2570 out of 2870 cases) (Crime in the U.S. 2016 Expanded Homicide Data Table 3)

      There should be outrage in the black community about THOSE numbers. Protest brothers and sisters shooting fellow brothers and sisters.

  • riverhorse

    Even worse to everyone kowtowing is so many companies paying off these terror groups- as high as a Billion just one instance alone.
    Next watch for the endless parade of firings over innocuous comments.
    If this isn’t stopped this year, Civil War is upon us (& many other countries too).

  • Fan_Atl77

    Tmobile’s color is Magenta, and they try their Best to be inclusive by persuading the Red’s (Verizon) subscribers to Join their team, as well as, the Blues (ATT). So, maybe, again, it is another Un-Carrier move OR strategy, maybe…

  • Android_God

    That dude looks straight outta the movie, The Purge

  • Android_God

    So many people in the comments section just wish they could say n***er without getting booted

    • Bilesha Welton

      You are the only one who is thinking that. You’re a racist.

  • Android_God

    Duuuude you TOTALLY aren’t black

    • Bilesha Welton

      You must work for Joe Biden. Telling someone they’re not black sounds like his MO

      • rc

        They ain’t black*

  • Jeffrey

    There are many folks that dont want to hear this but it needs to be said. The only thing important in business is having the best people. I dont give a damn about what sex they are, prefer, the color of skin or where they come from.

    If you are smart/educated, motivated and work well with others to the betterment of the business and the whole of human society is all that matters. The rest is noise to make people “feel” good about themselves or push a narrative.

    • Francisco Peña

      yup. If you are the best position for the job, get hired, regardless of race.
      IF a white guy is smarter than me and can do a better job, I’ll be pissed I didn’t get the job, but won’t sue for discrimination.

      • Bilesha Welton

        Same here. In 2011 I got passed on for a job that was given to a white woman, before but not once did I think it was because I’m Hispanic. It’s because I didn’t have enough experience. So I applied again in 2016 after I spent a few years studying and the job became available again. I was hired immediately and have been working there ever since.

        People should hire based on skill. If you don’t have the skills, no one but yourself is stopping you from getting the skills.

    • Mike

      Well news media does the same thing by pushing a narrative. They push a thought just to keep viewers to there swayed side.

  • Why doesn’t T-mobile have any diversity at the highest levels

  • the martian ambassador

    Is it true that T-Mobile is the official wireless provider for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ? Maybe they can feature the CHAZ Warlord in the next Superbowl commercial.

    • marque2

      It is true T-Mobile did a few commercials in the Superbowl letting us all know how racist we were (now buy our product). CHAZ Warlord putting us in our place would be an extent extension to that campaign.

  • Cesare di Angelo

    Yo MIke. You mean you weren’t doing this before? Instead of virtue signaling to the rest of us, shouldn’t you be tendering your resignation and demanding the resignations of all the not historically marginalized enough T-mobile board and staff and demand that they too give up their positions to the more aggrieved?
    If not, then perhaps you all might want to keep this drivel to yourselves less you become the next focus of the Jacobite mobs for being insufficiently vocally progressive. Just a thought,

    • riverhorse

      He doesn’t realize what a thin thread he is hanging by:
      someone will dig up an old micro-agressive post, or a retweet of someone hated by the left, or a hated school one of his kids is attending, or that his wife’s great-grandfather’s third cousin twice removed defended the Alamo,…or the Jacobites will decide Magenta is a hurtful color…

      Robespierre, who led the French Revolution and had so many guillotined, was guillotined by his own. And this is what will save us in America in great part- the atheist parasites eating each other alive.

  • Cesare di Angelo

    BTW, you might want to check out at zerohedge the anonymous UB History professor ‘s masterful condemnation of BLM and the fear he faces if exposed by the commie rats in the History department now that you’ve joined the cancel culture.(Bye-bye Tucker) Speaking of cancel, I’m getting out of Tmobile but I’m sure you can get a woke pussyhat to take my place.
    BLM isn’t a slogan its a radical leftist front group with direct fund links to Biden.
    You may want to reconsider taking sides when you probably don’t know what you’re talking about. Bye bye Mike

    • Zbum

      I’m with you 100%….I’ve been with TMO since the start …and I AM OUTTA HERE…..FU TMO.

      • Bilesha Welton

        Honestly I’m going to be doing the same thing. Canceling 8 lines on my account. Need to find a carrier to move to.

  • Marty Monahan

    I’ve been a big T-Mobile fan for many many years. First in Washington DC, then in retirement in Florida. John Legere was their best CEO. Increased T-Mobile’s market share month over month. He kept pushing new technology. That was his focus. He kept politics out of T-Mobile. Now they have a new CEO who immediately is jumping in with both feet. Very sad to see this. I will have to move on to another carrier.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Simply said, I have no intention of going to another Carrier, since I have an incredible legacy plan, which is hard to beat. However, I do wish T-mobile, Apple…and other companies, would focus on developing mobile technology, especially for their loyal customers, as well as, continue to provide Great customer service.