T-Mobile OnePlus 8 5G update rolling out with 5G support on additional bands


OnePlus 8 owners, T-Mobile is now pushing a software update your way!

This new update is version 10.5.8.IN55CB and it brings with it a couple of notable improvements. They include 5G support for bands 2 and 66, which are in addition to the support for 5G on bands 71, 41, and 5 that the OnePlus 8 5G already had on T-Mobile.

The update’s changelog also mentions the addition of Google Live Caption. This is an accessibility feature that will automatically caption media playing on your phone, including videos, podcasts, audio messages, and things you record yourself.

Rounding out the update are some unspecified improvements and bug fixes.

This update is now rolling out over the air, and while T-Mobile hasn’t updated its OnePlus 8 5G support page yet, TmoNews reader Paul has gotten the update on their OnePlus 8. So if you’ve got an OP8 5G, you can wait for this update to hit your phone in the coming days or check for it manually by going into Settings > System > System update > Check for update.

Thanks Paul!


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  • Brenden Morris

    Hey Alex, are these bands also available on the 7TPro 5G McLaren version as well?

    • shawn murray

      I also have the 7Tpro and i know it only has band n71 and n41 not N2 and N66 we would have to upgrade for that but we should be fine with N71 600 and n41 2.5. the N2 is and N66 is to supplement mid band.

      • Brenden Morris

        Why should we have to upgrade phones for that? If One Plus & T-Mobile can push an update over the air to give the OnePlus 8 5G, those frequencies. Then can’t they do the same to the 7TPro 5G McLaren.

        • paul martin

          McLaren update going out now

        • Brenden Morris

          What’s your source on this?

        • paul martin

          TmoNews ”
          T-Mobile updating Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren” links i put up sat. were not allowed

        • paul martin

          probably roll out Tue due to weekend

        • shawn murray

          well the thing is the bands have to have already been on the phone in the first place and the our phone doe snot have thoese bands just N71 and n41.

        • cpuiulet

          did you buy that phone straight from tmobile or was it an unlocked phone

  • riverhorse

    Can this phone be brought over to Metro and all those bands will still work?

    • paul martin


  • David

    But how do I see what 5g band I am using… ? I have tried a ton of apps. None show the 5g band.

    • KOLIO

      Try Cell Mapper or Network Signal Info.

      • David

        Cell mapper shows I have an NR signal but not the band or freq. I will try network signal but I’m away from a 5g signal Currently.

        • KOLIO

          I’m seeing RX & TX frequencies on Cell Mapper, if that’s what you’re looking for.

        • David

          When I was using cell mapper it was showing the LTE signal information even though I was on 5G. It would say NR present but was showing obviously not 5g signal.

        • Brian

          I’m seeing the same issue.

    • Use Network Cell Info Lite from the Play Store

    • kanakamaoli

      Try using Net monster app

      • David

        This tells me 4g+5g•Lte 1900. Still not giving me the 5g band only underlying 4g lte band.

  • Mike Taylor

    Obviously it is in a staggered release.


      Obviously, HOWEVER in the past for TMobile devices I’ve been able to go to setting and system update and pull the available update instead of waiting for tmobile to push the update

      • JLP474

        Doesn’t mean it will always work.

  • cpuiulet

    Is this update going to U.S. unlocked Oneplus 8 phones too, or just oneplus 8 bought from t-mobile?