T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ Android 10 updates begin rolling out again


Nearly a week after T-Mobile paused the Galaxy S9 and S9+ updates to Android 10, the rollouts have resumed.

The T-Mo Galaxy S9’s update to Android 10 is version G960USQU7DTA8 and is 1994.95MB in size, while the S9+ update is version G965USQU7DTA5 and it weighs in at 1940.13MB.


This update is similar to the Android 10 updates we’ve seen for other Samsung phones lately, bringing with it dark mode enhancements like darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms while the dark theme is on. There are clearer app icons and system colors, too, as well as improved layouts to titles and buttons to eliminate wasted screen space.

Samsung says that it has refined the interactions of this update to make it more comfortable for you to navigate on a large display with minimal finger movement. There are also new navigation gestures and smoother animations.

When it comes to specific apps, Digital Wellbeing has gained a Focus Mode to help you silence distracting apps and the Device Care section’s battery graph will now give you more detailed information. Samsung’s Camera app will let you edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen, and it’s also got an improved layout to help you focus on snapping photos.

This update also brings the February 1, 2020 Android security patches.

Finally, T-Mobile says that as part of this update, the built-in DIGITS multi-line settings have been removed.

Some Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners were likely a bit frustrated last week when we learned that their Android 10 update had been paused after it was finally supposed to start rolling out. We still don’t know exactly why the rollouts were paused, but the good news is that that delay lasted less than a week and now the updates appear to be rolling out fully.

Once Android 10 arrives on your T-Mobile Galaxy S9 or S9+, let us know what you think of it and all the changes that it brings!

Thanks Brandon, Joe, Whitestar2261, Dane, Jefferson, Ned, and Alexander!

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  • Matt

    Can confirm update is actually released. Just installed the update on my S9+ minutes ago. Was checking for days after the first announcement before i saw the support page was changed to TBD.

  • Tmo_User

    Thank you, T-Mobile!!! I’ve been waiting.

  • Todd N.

    Figures, the day I’m getting my S20 ultra this update drops… Installing anyways

  • JLaw

    G965u1 on T Mobile. Looks like I’ll be using my Fi sim, again. No love for unlocked Samsungs on T Mobile.

    • davbow

      Same here . . .

  • Reagan1

    Downloading right now on my Galaxy S9. We’ll see how good and/or bad it is. I’ve never used Digits, so that change (a bad one) won’t really affect me.

  • Phil7474

    About damn time. Been waiting. And since this is the last major OS update for the S9+ I’ll be upgrading soon. I don’t know about others but my experience with the S9+ has been great. I’ll enjoy this update as I did Oreo and Pie. Better late than never……

  • riseandfall

    At least you’re getting it. My LG G7 ThinQ apparently won’t.

  • John Earl Thompson

    ya just dont drop ur phone :( love update

  • EchoBravo498

    Anyone have issues with Routines being broken after the update?

  • Francisco Peña

    just hit my phone now. Downloading as I type.

  • Konrad Bujak

    have been using this android 10 on my s9+ for 24 hours now and… i’m already regretting. terrible battery drain… . yes, i did clear the cache and it did not help at all.

    • Reagan1

      Agreed…and added some more bloat, it seems. I now have some Microsoft crap called “Your Phone Companion” that won’t delete. After loading A10, TMO also had some stupid screen to download apps they suggest like Groupon, Booking, etc…hey TMO, if I wanted them, I know how to use the Google Play store.

  • Francisco Peña

    slow as molasses to charge. I was about 30% charge and after over 30-45 minutes, its only gotten to 45% now. I’ve rebooted, cleaned the junk, and at this rate, I doubt it’ll be done by end of work.

    Same charger that would charge quickly before. Says over an hour to charge “fast charge” on the screen.

    • Francisco Peña

      icon folders sit lower on the screen now. I’m used to certain apps in teh folders to be higher, now i have to change my muscle memory to adjust to clicking lower. I find there are more apps that use the dark mode now.

      Also, on the lock screen, when you get a notification. Before, i could click it and it would expand a bit more. Now I have to click it to “activate” it, then swipe it down a bit to get it to expand. Annoying with an extra step.

      I did get a TMo notifcation about additional apps after upgrading. Click the app notification and it takes me to a 2 or 3 page menu with various apps I can choose to click to install. Some were already clicked, but I unclicked them.

      The battery usage is a pro and con. I can click to see usage across various days now. but it looks smaller on the screen.

      • Francisco Peña

        So yesterday, i went to walk the dog and the battery was at 30%. I don’t even make it 5 minutes and the phone shuts down. No music, not games in the background. Just reading news. I turn it back on as I get back home and plugged it in, and it says 0%. Something is still eating the battery life. i have it on medium battery mode (I find optimized eats it quickly) and always have the display down to about 60%.

    • Jerry Rich

      Now you know what all the Apple users from the 6S to the 11 Pro have been suffering through for years.

    • scruff317

      Settings, Device Care, Battery, Charging, Toggle fast charging off then on

  • J05H

    Still waiting for the stable release. My unlocked S9 has been on the beta version for what seems like months – on T-Mobile

    • JLaw

      I talked to a very knowledgeable tech person with t force (if still called that), and it got 100% confirmation that an update can’t be forced to a line.
      Unlocked models can accept any csc, so i may just use my google fi sim to get the stable release. The csc will be xaa (generic), but it’ll work with t mobile.
      Or there is the odin v3 that can be used, but i can’t find a reliable download of the tmb csc.
      Funny thing is, t mobile is actually one sofware version behind what samsung has for the u1 models.

  • JLaw

    Just updated my g965u1 to the newest android 10 build. Had to use a Fi sim to do so, however, I’m a build ahead of what T Mobile has released.
    I’m on CSC XAA (US unknown), but have not lost any former baked in features, i.e wifi calling, etc.