T-Mobile Galaxy S9’s update to Android 10 has been paused


A few days ago, T-Mobile said that its Galaxy S9 and S9+ were starting to get their Android 10 updates. Fast-forward to today, though, and those updates have put on hold.

T-Mobile has refreshed its Galaxy S9 and S9+ support pages to say that their Android 10 updates have been “temporarily paused”. Both updates now have a released date of TBD, and T-Mo says that they’ll be “available soon”.

There’s no mention on the support pages about why these updates have been paused. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile for more info and will update this post if I hear back.

This news is probably frustrating to T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners that’ve been waiting for their update to Android 10, especially since Galaxy S9 models on other carriers have already been updated. T-Mo says that these updates will resume their rollouts “soon”, so hopefully this pause doesn’t last long.

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+

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  • Francisco Peña


    oh well.

  • Brad

    Better to pause it then to brick phones! Same thing happened to Android 10 roll out for the 1+ 6 and 6t they paused it.

  • Ed Hammond

    Verizon rolled out Android 10 to our Galaxy S9 handsets and it broke Office 365 with ADFS Authentication

  • kmcmurtrie

    The update is REALLY buggy. It’s compatible with T-Mobile cellular but they probably don’t want a flood of angry tech support calls for everything else. It’s so buggy that I’m looking at buying a different brand of phone.

    • dcmanryan

      Must be a T-Mobile thing then because my work Verizon S9 updated just today and no issues all day. What bugs are you seeing?

      • kmcmurtrie

        WiFi stalling and cold GPS locks happens multiple times a day. Samsung forums have a lot of other complaints too, many are for apps that I have disabled.

  • djurlegit

    One UI 2.0 ain’t that much better than One UI 1.0 anyways. So for those itching to get Android 10 or One UI 2.0, stay patient, rather they paise and work out any issues.

  • jake_cassidy

    ive had my s9+ since it was released and its been an flawless experience, i never understand why people obsess over updates when the phone works without issue. updates do more harm than good it seems.

    • Francisco Peña

      buncha nerds, that’s why.
      I’m fine with my phone. about 2 yrs now and its still running as good as when I bought it. As long as I don’t install iffy stuff or visit iffy places on it, then I’m set. just like a PC… just common sense.

      • jake_cassidy

        exactly, you dont see people going out to buy flagship desktops everytime a new one is released. i always ask people why they want the new phone or crying about updates. they always say well it new so it has to be better. no wonder prices are skyrocketing, the companies know people will buy the new one regardless.

    • johnduggins

      Security updates. I couldn’t care less about feature or next gen updates. I care about prompt security updates. The problem of tying security updates to feature updates was solved two years ago. Samsung and the carriers have decided to keep them coupled.

  • Moisés Cardona

    I flashed an image that was posted on XDA developers a few weeks ago. Build is G965USQU7DTA5. Haven’t had any issues with it.

  • YourBreastsAreHuge

    Standard practice. All US carriers do this. They roll out the first wave of updates and then pause the update to evaluate the results. If nobody complains about any bugs then the update is rolled out en masse. If even one person complains about a bug then the update is put on hold indefinitely until every single bug report can be evaluated to see if it’s true/reproducible.

  • dejanb

    I’ve been using the Android 10 update for almost a month (used a colleague’s Verizon SIM card to install it) and it has worked reasonably well – no issues that I can attribute to the update so far – Android Auto and Waze have some issues but everything works as expected.

  • tonkotsu

    update is live!

  • I pushed the update this morning

  • JR M

    I am Getting IT, S9+

  • Chad Spencer

    S9 updating now.