Many T-Mobile customers hit with network outage overnight


T-Mobile’s network had a bit of a hiccup overnight.

Many T-Mobile customers are reporting that they lost service beginning late last night. Folks on Reddit¬†and Twitter checked in from places like Dallas, Phoenix, Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, and Virginia Beach, among other cities, to say that they’d noticed an outage.

TmoNews has learned that T-Mobile suffered an intermittent network issue but that it was resolved quickly.

Network outages are never good, but at least with this one it seems like the issues were fairly brief rather than stretching on for hours.

Did you notice this T-Mo network issue?

Thanks Steve!

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  • truthcopy

    I did not notice it since I was asleep. But my router (I have T-Mo Home Internet) did report that the connection went down early this morning (12:30 ish). All is well now.

  • This was due to Tmobile and Sprint Merging Cores last night, as the merger is closing early tomorrow.

    • tekfranz

      Just because they become two companies merge tomorrow does not mean they have already merged their cores. Joining the two networks together will take time, probably several months or years. We will probably see roaming first. Then handset compatibility checks and upgrades. Maybe some frequencies re-purposed. Then a full integration. And such a project would be done in small areas rather than Nationwide. Not saying you are wrong but maybe you have an article or link to back this up? It would be amazing if things happened that fast.

  • Sharti24

    I wonder if there will be Reciprocal roaming on each others network…. Like google fi

    • marque2

      I would imagine. However I looked though and my TMobile LG V30 only B41 is shared (2500mhz) in LTE. I imagine most TMobile phones will only share band 41. Band 2 (TMobile) and Band 25 (Sprint) are both 1900 – not sure if that can be shared.

      • none

        Band 25 is a superset of band 2, so it can be shared with MFBI

  • marque2

    Didn’t notice T-mobile specifically, but I do notice the Internet has been more sluggish than normal. But considering all the extra connectivity being demanded, I am actually quite impressed how well the Internet is holding up.

  • Joey Nelson

    I did notice that 5G is now active in Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara California.

  • Al Beto O

    I noticed this morning on Paisano Dr and Gateway North in El Paso Txno service around 7:20 a.m. Good for roaming for a few miles then it was dead. At 7:45 am. Tmobile full service.


    there was no outage here in texas south west of Ft worth. only thing iam waiting on is for you to turn on the 5 G towers in the Granbury/ Cresson area. until then i have to use a mini tower.

  • @ryan

    I have no network since yesterday evening near New Stanton/Donegal, PA area.

  • UniBroW

    it wasn’t a network outage, that was just T-Mobile merging with Sprint :)

  • runswithbeer

    Tmobile down in Central Texas.

  • jacob

    was down last night for 30 min or so. no cell signal at all. minneapolis

  • Press2Esc

    In and around central SC the TMobile voice network appears to be
    intermittently working. Even wifi calling and texting is flakey.. Tech
    support callbacks are running 1-2.5 hrs. After over 2 hours of
    waiting, I have not rec’d automated callback yet.. They are swamped.