OnePlus confirms a few more specs of the OnePlus 8 series


We may have to wait until April 14th to officially meet the OnePlus 8 series, but OnePlus is helping to pass the time until then by spilling some of the specs of its upcoming devices.

The OnePlus 8 series will include Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 processor, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed today. “The industry-leading Snapdragon 865 mobile platform improves over what was an already powerful SoC, offering a 25% increase in CPU performance, a 25% rise in GPU rendering times, while being 25% more energy efficient,” Lau said.

Also included in the new phones will be LPDDR5 RAM. This is the first time OnePlus is using LPDDR5 RAM, which offers a 45% lower power consumption compared to the previous generation.

The storage inside the OnePlus 8 phones will be of the UFS 3.0 variety, which offers read and write speeds to around 1,700MB/s. OnePlus is also adding some of its own special sauce to the UFS 3.0 storage, like Turbo Write which uses the upper section of the ROM storage as a high-speed read/write interval.

Another custom OnePlus feature is called Host Performance Booster (HPB). OnePlus touts that this can help improve the random read performance of the UFS 3.0 storage after extended use.

Finally, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that there will be a Pro model of the OnePlus 8. In his forum post announcing these hardware features, Lau uses a phone signature that reveals that the post was sent “via OnePlus 8 Pro”.

The new features revealed by OnePlus today reaffirm that the OnePlus 8 series will be flagship-tier phones. We already know that the entire OnePlus 8 lineup will include 5G support, and OnePlus has also said that it plans to show a 120Hz display at its event, though that feature may be limited to the OnePlus 8 Pro while the OnePlus 8 gets a 90Hz screen.

There are still lots of OnePlus 8 series specs that haven’t been confirmed by OnePlus, like cameras and battery sizes. But with two more weeks to go before the official announcement, OnePlus could reveal more info on those features to help keep its flagships in the front of our minds.

Based on what we’ve heard about them so far, are you interested in the new OnePlus 8 phones?

Source: OnePlus

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