T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren update brings enhanced speeds, Note 8 also updated


T-Mobile is now pushing out its third OnePlus software update in the past week.

The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren is now receiving an update from T-Mobile that bumps the phone to version 10.0.25.HD61CB. The 269.3MB update promises enhanced 5G upload and download speeds, stability improvements, and general bug fixes.


This update is now rolling out over the air. If you don’t feel like waiting for it to hit your OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, you can manually check for it by going into your Settings app and selecting System > System update > Check for update.

Also receiving an update this week is T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 8. The update is version N950USQS7DTA5 and includes the February 1, 2020 security patches.

If you’ve got a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren or Galaxy Note 8, let us know when your update arrives. And you OnePlus owners, tell us if this update makes a noticeable impact on your 5G speeds!


UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to PCMag that this update enables the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren to utilize 600MHz LTE and 600MHz 5G at the same time to boost 5G download speeds. It also enables 5G uploads in more places and, thanks to the combined 600MHz 5G and mid-band LTE, should get you more upload bandwidth in some areas.


Thanks Andrew, Tim, and Nick!

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  • Matt Macaluso

    Mine still shows December, not February, after updating.

    • kanakamaoli

      Did not improve my speed up and down one bit. BTW, I’m still showing bands 2 and 4 in my lte discovery when I’m connected to 5G why is that? And why hasn’t my coverage improved with 5G?My phone still has the exact same dead spots with 4G LTE and 5G?

      • Matt Macaluso

        Seems slower.

        • kanakamaoli

          When connected to 5G? Are you on band 71 or bands 2 or 4?

    • Nathan

      Patch notes don’t include the security update.

      • Matt Macaluso

        Oh, the article was referring to the Note8…

  • Jeff Willis

    I am slower too…really frustrated with TMobile. Have a dead spot at work and was told that 5g would penetrate buildings better. The tower is 2 miles away and I can’t even connect. However Verizon and Sprint work with zero issues. I think the OnePlus 5g phone is full of bugs because it never seems to work right…don’t know what to do because the sales people and team of experts seems clueless.

  • Christopher Pylant

    My phone seems to have slower data speeds on 5G now. Also, my area doesn’t have 600mhz band n71 but somehow my phone displays 5G with only bands 2 and 12 in my area.

    • kanakamaoli

      In Hawaii all I see in band 2 and 4 not even band 12 is present for 5g only on 4glte

  • David E

    now after the update,i can not get a speedtest can not make up its mind on 5G/LTE…But after a reboot it works correctly!

  • Tyler Casper

    I’m also slower as far as data goes…

  • Jeff Willis

    How do you find what band your are on?

    • Tyler Casper

      Check into netmonster on Google play…

      • Jeff Willis


  • Jason

    Just installed the update, and so far my speeds have increased big time! Pulled 202 Down, 43.4 Up. Brooklyn, NY. Weird thing is, speedtest flips back and forth between 5G and LTE, even though my status bar shows 5G. Netmonster shows I’m in 4G LTE-A, 1900 + 700 and a bunch of bands, but nothing 5G…

    • Jeff Willis

      Same here…I think TMobile launched what att did with the using a 5g signal without a true 5g signal. I get great download speeds in la and orange county in CA, but crap in the other counties…seems like deceptive advertising to me.

      • Jason

        Thing is, my coverage itself got better immediately switching from my OP5T to the McLaren w/ “5G”..Dead spots weren’t dead, I hung on to service in notorious elevators, and indoor signal definitely improved. These were the selling points of 600Mhz low band 5G, and that seems to have held up. But the phone is clearly jumping between networks/bands in the background constantly, even though the status says “5G”. I get different types of behavior when switching the Network Settings from 4G to 5G, rebooting, and turning Airplane mode on/off.

        • Jeff Willis

          Yeah…I was told by the techs at TMobile that the tower closest to me is under repair, but I asked why do I get a 5g signal…I think I am pulling from a tower, but not getting the 600 MHz signal…I really think the phone is the problem as it can’t make up its mind what tower it wants to use…maybe if they allowed us to only us a 5g signal then it could fix the problem.

        • Jason

          Interesting, I think you’re right. I’m going to reach out to Techs in my area and see what I can find out. Still, the update has given me a speed boost, and I love the phone.

  • Anonymouse

    Meanwhile, the GPS on the $1300 Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is still bonkers. I’m beginning to think that the OP 7T Pro McLaren 5G is T-Mobile’s flagship 5G phone.

  • Joe P

    I was getting slower speeds on 5G than on LTE. I chatted with a support rep at TMo, and asked if I needed to use the SIM card that came with the phone or if the one from my old Note 8 was ok. They never got around to answering that question (a later interaction with them confirmed it was ok), but they had me reset my network settings on the phone and reboot it while they “fixed” my network profile on my account. Since that day, I haven’t seen a 5G icon in my status bar once.

    Moral of the story: these things were launched before the company was ready to actually support them. It’s still a great phone, OnePlus did a wonderful job. I just wish I’d never even asked TMo support a single question, because they’ve apparently blackballed me from 5G for having the nerve to ask a simple question.

    • kanakamaoli

      In your network settings is your network set to the first setting?(preferred network type)
      The one with 5G?

      • jesse_guthrie

        Usually (for this phone) a network reset turns off 5G. You have to turn it back on in “SIM and Network” settings.

  • Glenn Gore

    I got the update yesterday and did some testing in the Woodward, Oklahoma area, which is a good area to test because it is in a place where one site in the city was upgraded with 5G while no other sites in the area within a 30-mile radius were upgraded, so essentially you are testing one individual 5G site when you run Cellmapper or Speedtest. I did see some improvements to 5G data speeds, not huge but definitely there. Normally with T-Mobile’s LTE+ I can get around 120 Mbps down/15 Mbps up, while using 5G before this update I I got 24 Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up. Yesterday it was 40 Mbps down/5 up. You get no real benefit from using 5G right now, having access to the service is only a marketing plus.

  • jesse_guthrie

    I’m wondering why this update didn’t come with the January security patch.

  • Jacob

    This update finally corrected the horrendous battery drain that kept me from turning on 5G. The battery lasts a full day with no issues with 5G connected constantly in my area (Atlanta).

  • RenonX

    I’ll be honest, I see no real difference in speed or whatever with the 5G network. The speed isn’t what people should be paying attention to anyway with the service. 5G has less congestion than 4G(LTE), which is supposed to make it faster, or at least seem like it is, which in reality, right now, it’s really a moot point.

    The update has fixed the terrible, terrible battery drain that using the 5G network was causing, which as for me, I don’t use outside of my home. Before leaving my house I switch to 4GLTE and below services, as I don’t want the potential of significant battery drain. Although this update did solve the battery drain issue, it’s now become a habit to switch data services when I’m home and when I’m not. It takes seconds to do, so it’s no big deal for me.